15 Volunteers Needed for Burn Perimeter Crew for Friday

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15 Volunteers Needed for Burn Perimeter Crew for Friday

Postby damianphoenix » 5 years ago

Hello. Iam building the Burning Suid that will Burn up Friday. I need 15 Burners who can Volunteers 2 hours Friday night to be part of the Perimeter crew. I also need 1 Fire safety Chief. You only need to have common sense and Some uick Safety training and you can become part of this Awesome project.
Please contact me at 415 912 95 44 - Damian
or send me an email at
ninjasurfer@live.com 8)

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Postby theCryptofishist » 5 years ago

1--One thread is enough, you don't need to start two.
2--Whoops, my bad. I was thinking of something else.
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