Videographers Sought for Grand Procession of Trojan Horse

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Videographers Sought for Grand Procession of Trojan Horse

Post by evsc » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:45 pm

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? Videographers Sought for Grand Procession and Other Activities

Award-winning director/producer Todd Darling is looking for more shooters to film the climactic last rites of passage of the Trojan Horse on Sept. 2. Darling says,
If you’re bringing a video camera to Burning Man, we invite you to join the crew making this film. If you’re a film professional and don’t mind spending a few hours helping out Friday afternoon/early evening, we’d be thrilled. And if you have access to a camera with a good lens, then so much the better.
Details about Darling’s needs and his vision for the film can be found at

In addition to Darling’s work, the project is seeking to film the building of the horse and Troy Camp and Jordan Betten painting his 2,500 sq. ft. mural August 21-28. Videographers will also be needed August 28-Sept. 2 to cover the interactivities of Burners costumed as various Greek deities and mortals, including such events such as the re-enactment of a battle between Greek and Trojan soldiers, recreations of the story of Troy, and the children's story hour.

Seattle videographer Sid Fox will coordinate the Trojan Horse Video Project and oversee aggregation on the playa. Volunteers who want to help should be sure to indicate when they are available and sign up for the casting call.

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Re: Videographers Sought for Grand Procession of Trojan Hors

Post by Dustdevil » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:34 pm

AND let's certainly not forget to film the demise of the Trojan Horse. Black Rock FX, the group that burned the OIl Derrick, leveled Megatropolis in less than twelve minutes and failed to make the Raygun Gothic Rocketship take off will be laying the Horse to rest after what we anticipaite will be an epic battle. We have created some unique effects for this project. This will be a must-see burn. It will take place late on Friday night. BE THEEEERE...........
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