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Greetings all!

My names Leviwulf and yes I am a DJ / Producer called DRRTYWULVZ coming in from Austin, TX. We are going to be driving a big gray school bus full of artists and equipment up to the burn this year, but no sound system sadly. This year I have made plans for custom covers for our controllers and computers so we can rock it in heavier dust storms (all I would need is an input for our computer). The good thing is that I had the opportunity to play at burning flipside (carpe noctem) twice this year, and once at freezerburn for about 2 - 3 hours per set. So I've been doing my stairmaster exercises and stretching every other day to prepare for the extensive DJ sets / booty shaking sessions that WILL happen on the playa, not to mention the reflex training incase some one seizures from super low bass frequencies we are bringing out.

Give me a shout if your camp (big or small) needs a drrty flthy dsty dj set from another planet, or if you just want to say hello !

House, Dubstep, Disco, Dnb, Glitch Hop, Ambient


EMAIL : drrtywulvz@gmail.com


This is a recording from last years burning flipside, which was inside the carpe noctem dome on thursday night from 3am - 5am.

Safe Travels.

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