Looking for a good cameraman

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Looking for a good cameraman

Post by Ancilla » Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:52 pm

Hi guys!

I'm from the Netherlands and I work for a big (well, big for Dutch standards anyways ;-)) weblog where I film partyreports. (http://www.flabber.nl/ancilla)
I would loooove to do a feature on Burning man! Unfortunately there is no budget to fly our own camera guy over. I tried filming myself last year, but without the technical know-how it was really hard for me and pretty much failed. Doh.

So; that brings me to my question; are there any good referenced camera guys out there, already attending Burning Man and interested in filming for two times a few hours?

Also, if there are any good commercial or fashion photographers attending the event, I might have a great gig for you too :-) Or, if you happen to know someone...!
For us people stuck in the wet weather of the Netherlands, shooting in the dry desert is the ultimate dreamy shooting location... :-D

I would be most grateful, for me this would be such a great opportunity and I know our viewers are dying to know more about Burning Man. Don't hesitate, send me a note!
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Re: Looking for a good cameraman

Post by AntiM » Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:04 pm

Do you have permission from the BMORG for this project? You will need to check that out if you do not.



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