I need a roundtrip ride from Seattle!

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I need a roundtrip ride from Seattle!

Postby fartoogone » 12 years ago

Hi, first time burner in need of trans to and from BM from Seattle.


want more info on me....


and yes of course im gonna chip in and pay for gas!

brianlabrecque (at) hotmail.com
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Postby _tears_ » 12 years ago

I suggest posting this in the sections bellow where it has sepcific states. Post in your state/area ect and see what happens GOOD LUCK!!!

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Postby technopatra » 12 years ago

You can also try the Burning Man Rideshare.

Last year it hooked up a bunch of burners with great rides.

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Postby Boilermaker » 12 years ago

Hi , I'm Tom, I'm leaving a week early arriving the Wed. before the event. I am a Black Rock Ranger and work the gate. Call (360)893-3342.
I am looking for an interesting,attractive(internally\externally)gal to share Burningman\? with. I am also looking for Pierce County and So. King County Burners who want to share and work on Burningman stuff. Also coordinate travel to and from.

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