Monitors and Printers

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Monitors and Printers

Post by ohafirenymph » Sat May 22, 2004 9:46 am

If this is not appropriate, my apologies.

I've fifteen (15) 17" PC monitors (Sebastobol) and one Epson 2500 pc & mac (not osx) printer, (Middletown) to either give away or trade. Monitary value of what you offer is of little importance to me. If it's something I can use on The Playa, I'd be happy as a creek otter.

El Wire is at the top of my list. So is finding a person to assist w/ design & implementation of my art car. Driving it too!

These electronics are not "playa tested." There is one controller unit for the monitors.

The monitors will serve a project that requires visuals or video. I've not the energy or time, altho lots of ideas. I'm also out of storage space.
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