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Aussie burner free to good home

Post by Swig » Fri Jul 30, 2004 6:28 pm

First timer from Sydney hell-bent on attending Burning Man finds himself homeless and without transport after the ass fell out of his original travel plans.

If you could help out with a ride and/or have a spare spot in a camp/RV/tent/whatever, please throw me a bone! Just looking to experience and be part of an awesome event and meet some crazy fun people. Beyond that I'm not fussy.

Happy to share costs (though being a povo backpacker I don't have bucketloads), and can offer good company, a strong pair of hands, help with anything of a techie nature, drumming lessons, and a place to crash if you're heading to Sydney next year.

Dates and locations are flexible - I'm arriving in San Fran on the 21st but can get to Reno or elsewhere if required. Please email me at




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