Help needed with getting some big things to playa by 8/26

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Help needed with getting some big things to playa by 8/26

Postby greeterdan » Sat Jul 31, 2004 12:32 pm

Hey, all you lovely Burners out there...

This is Greeter Dan writing. This is my 7th year on the playa, and just so you know I am truly a participant, I am doing 7 4-hour shifts this year for DMV and the Greeters. I have also been part of the Media Team, as well as an editor on Drama in the Desert and all around good Burner. :-)

Anyway, my wife and I were planning on having a spiffy playa-worthy car this year that could cart most of our stuff up there, but it looks like our plans are falling through. So we desperately need some help getting some big things - primarily two shade structures and a couple of bikes - to the playa from San Francisco by Thursday, 8/26.

Any help that's offered would be GREATLY appreciated. We'd, of course, offer to help cover gas costs, etc. And help with something you needed too.

If you've got some space on a truck or van or something and are going up there from San Francisco or nearby by the 26th, please do get in touch.

Thanks so much!!!

Greeter Dan

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