:arrow:Ride for 2 from SF 28th ish....

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Ellis K
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:arrow:Ride for 2 from SF 28th ish....

Postby Ellis K » Sun Aug 01, 2004 10:03 am

[/color]Hey!! Ride from SF Leaving 28th 29th ish. Us, 2 boys one girl (BM regulars from UK) you RIDICULOUS sense of humour happy to split some gas costs, you may bring a friend too(room for two), no smelly feet.

Hiring a RAM thing. So we've a fair amout of space. Gonna stop off for a swim at Tahoe and hook up with a couple o friends from UK then supply shop in Reno for H2o etc. Anyone welcome!

Leave your email and a note, I'll write back asap.

Love n Laughter,


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