all-girl RV: LA 2 BM - 2 spaces left

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all-girl RV: LA 2 BM - 2 spaces left

Post by jewel » Tue Aug 03, 2004 12:35 am

We have 2 spaces left for 2 chill gals in the all girl RV (The world-famous, Girl-V!) Ride and bunk with us, ship your stuff with us, or reserve a bunk and meet us there, if your schedule differs. Bunks are girls only (no exceptions), but riders may be of any persuasion (we do take some casual riders.)

Route is from LA, up the 395, to Reno and BRC.

We'll be camped in Brane, and are a harmonious, no-drama mix of experienced and newbie girl burners. Leaving LA early am Aug 27th, arrive BM Sat Aug 28th.

Few obligations besides leave no trace, and helping stake out camp & set up shade, etc. Your schedule is your own...

Relax and socialize in our simple, cozy, 26 foot 1970 Travco ( Relax Working out the costs now, but keeping it very affordable. Call or email soon, since we are taking deposits even while you read this...

love, Jewel
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Post by nostratomas » Thu Aug 19, 2004 1:13 am

Hey Jewel,

I think we met, over the phone, in 02 while I was in search of an RV situation. I was the guy who wanted A/C. Was that you?

If so, one thousand thanks you gave me the number of a girl named Tamra. She quickly became a close friend of mine. I love her. We hold the throne at Transcendent FunKtions.

Please, let me know if you made the random referral. I will rub your feet and then possibly throw you in our Pool.
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