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Post by hageymon » Thu Aug 05, 2004 6:46 am

Greetings to all e-playans needing, or offering, rides from Reno/Sparks to Black Rock City.

This is Hagey, aka Fred, the Deranged-but-Bandy Dude who runs the Black Rock International Burner Hostel, Reno-to-Playa Rideshare Project, and Black Rock Burner Hostel Registered Theme Camp.

The Rideshare Project is CLOSED to anyone arriving at the Hostel later than NOON on Tuesday the 31st, so I can get to BRC myself, yet I am being BOMBARDED by requests from later arrivals who don't know this.

Thus, I am hereby announcing Hagey's Elegantly Simple, Surefire, One-Size-Fits-All, Backup Rideshare-Quandary Solution:

There is an Albertsons grocery store located in a major shopping center at the corner of McCarran Blvd and Prater Way, in Sparks. It is the LAST STOP for supplies by MANY Burners on their way to BRC, and the FIRST STOP for many people coming BACK from BRC for the purpose of re-provisioning, conveniently off I-80 a very short distance and EZ to find. It is walking distance from my home and will be CRAWLING with Burners, as usual, year-after-year, starting around the 25th of this month, including many people from the Burner Hostel.

All you hafta do is take a taxi from the airport or bus station, carrying a PRETTY sign (NEED RIDE TO BRC), whilst you get your shopping done at Albertsons or any one of the numerous stores nearby, including a thrift shop and a Target, and, in no time, should be whisked away to BRC by someone you spot, or spots you, as clearly a BRC-Bound Burner.

Two pretty birds can be petted with one hand...

Everyone having extra room should just automatically swing by there, looking for Burners-in-Need, even if your shopping has already been completed. If you can't find anyone there needing a lift, and you're coming through town BEFORE, say, three-ish on Tuesday the 31st, swing by the Burner Hostel for riders (map/directions on my website).

Burners-in-Need are easy to spot!


It may take a couple of years before this plan is widely known and practiced, but it WORKS!

Trust me.

Just call me "Dad".


Hagey RideShareMeister


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