I wrote a soundtrack for drivin HWY 447!

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I wrote a soundtrack for drivin HWY 447!

Post by Malochango » Mon Aug 09, 2004 11:41 am

[/b] Wow, it's August, we made it! I can't wait to see all yall back @ home!

As my 1st gift for BRC I wrote a song that can be downloaded for free. It's intended to be a soundtrack for driving along HWY 447 (preff. @ night). Check it out!

Drive safe everyone, I'm saddened every year when I drive past crashed cars on the 447. Maybe my song will help you calm down and drive the last leg safefly!

I know that's sort of a silly notion, but I realy mean it! The song is called:
"THERE'S NOBODY LIKE YOU" and you can download it for free at:


I hope to see you all out there!!
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