Driver needed: Black Rock -- Boston

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Driver needed: Black Rock -- Boston

Postby BlackLoki » Mon Aug 09, 2004 4:31 pm

We have a bus that has been converted into a camper. This year we have a problem, not enough people who can drive are coming back to Boston, MA on it. If you are looking to get a ride from Black Rock City going east, have a valid drivers license, and can drive stick shift we want you. We are leaving Burning Man on September 6-7. Everyone on the bus splits gas costs evenly. We will be able to take a small amount of cargo if needed. Also if your destination is not Boston, but is on the way you are welcome to get back to us.

If you are looking to go to Burning Man but do not have a ride/plane ticket and are looking to join a group this is your chance. We are leaving Boston between August 22-24. The requirements are same as above, and we assume you will be coming back on the bus and help with the driving. We do have camp dues so if you join us you will have to make a small donation to the camp. We also will want to meet with you before hand. If you have cool camp gear to contribute, or have significant mechanic and handyman skills we want to talk to you even more. Please note the space on the way out is limited, we can accommodate only up to 2 people.

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