Ride to Reno to BRC on Aug 30th? (1:35PM arrival Southwest)

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Ride to Reno to BRC on Aug 30th? (1:35PM arrival Southwest)

Post by Bluemeister » Wed Aug 18, 2004 6:17 pm

Hey fine folks, I am taking me Mommy to Burning Man and yes I know about Fred's rideshare (thank you Fred, you are the man) and yes we will prolly do it -- UNLESS -- unless I find someone willing to transport me and my Mommy to BRC who happens to be arriving at RNO around the same time (1:35 PM arrival on 30 August on Southwest). Thank you in advance for your awesomeness. This is just very helpful so my Mom doesn't have to worry 'bout getting stuck in Reno. A lovely place, but our destination is BRC thank you very much. As a seasoned Burner I realize this ain't gonna happen -- too many burners going the same direction. But you know, gotta reasure the Momma. Ok, thank you. Can you help? Please send me an email to ageefess ("at" symbol) aol ("dot" symbol) com You may resume your life. Love ~Blue

Also, check out THE LOVE HO'S on the playa. http://www.geocities.com/loveholovin Hey, I Love You!


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