RV Available for Campers and Riders from LA

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RV Available for Campers and Riders from LA

Post by YerNotDaBossOMe » Wed Aug 18, 2004 11:43 pm

Hi all. I'm looking for some fun, chill folks who want to stay in a comfy, air conditioned motorhome during Burning Man. I'm going to be driving from LA to Burning Man via a quick stop in San Jose to pick up a huge tent. I am in Camp Transcendent FunKtions and plan to leave Friday night, get a few hours of driving in and then spend the night in a WalMart parking lot. The next morning we will drive to San Jose, get the tent and head to Black Rock. If things work out the way we hope, we will be standing on the Playa before sunset on Saturday. Then we will spend Monday setting up camp. I plan to leave mid-day on Sunday and drive straight through to LA so I can have Monday in LA to just chill.

My RV is a 1989 34 foot Fleetwood Bounder. There is a bedroom in the back - that's mine. There is also a dining booth that makes in to a full bed and a couch that folds down into a full bed. Each bed could fit one person or a couple. Please, no cigarettes in the RV.

Our camp has a pool, bar, dining hall with full kitchen and livingroom, DJs and general debauchery and madness.

If you just want a ride and can go and return when I will be traveling, I have room for extra passengers and their gear. Just chip in what you would if riding in a car.

Thanks - Chris
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