original camp mates bailed, can I camp with your camp?

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original camp mates bailed, can I camp with your camp?

Post by skyword » Sun Aug 22, 2004 12:00 pm

So my original BM camp mates have just recently flaked out and I’m now put in the position of seeking a camp to join for BM 2004. I will of course pitch in and contribute my practical resources, talents, energy, best parts of my spirit/personality etc. in any way I can. A little about me:

art in all forms (making it, experiencing it etc.), music, people in all their diversity, nature in all her glory, laughter/humor, writing/poetry (especially in motion...), friendship, community/societal development, taoist/buddhist/meditation, adventure/exploration, psychology, play/discovery/fun, learning how to be good to people, communications, character development, heart/mind expansion, healing, sacred action, humanity/society/politics, FREEDOM and so much more...

I tend to be:
Poetic, artistic, spiritually captured, generally direct, both serious and fun/funny, both strong and gentle, longing to bring something beneficent to the world, open-minded/ liberal, complex, fairly intellectual but revere and aspire to have a healthy sense of humility in life, tender/earnest, sometimes mellow, sometimes full of energy, peace-and-love oriented but not fluffy, spirited and enthusiastic yet reflective/thoughtful. Things I LOVE: star nests, songs that move my heart, birds with backwards knees, things that make people laugh, kindness/compassion, courage, sparkly things, and the natural world.

I’m a San Francisco woman of 35, queer friendly, pschedelic/420 etc. friendly, I havent been taking anything lately myself but may at BM if the conditions are right…I’m not a fanatic about anything really but not into coke, speed, heavy drinking etc. Have been to BM before, am into camping, adventure etc. I cant do heavy lifting due to a bad back but have been to BM before with this issue and it wasn’t a problem. I can make up in versatility, smarts, other needed work etc. what I lack in raw brawn.

If it’s possible that I could camp with your group, I would be so thankful and happy. Please contact me at 415-487-1597. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you and good wishes!

Cheers, Landra.

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Post by landra_lee » Tue Aug 24, 2004 11:51 am

WOAH, is your name REALLY Landra?

My name is Landra, this is tooooo weird.

The only other Landra I know was named after me, but I am only 24 so you are most certainly not her. I'm sure you could camp with us, but it might be a little kooky having TWO Landra's.

email me, inappropriate_behavior@hotmail.com
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