Bumper stickers needed for mutant vehicle

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Bumper stickers needed for mutant vehicle

Post by Mister Jellyfish Mister » Wed Aug 25, 2004 7:02 am

Greetings! Need your bumper stickers and Burning Man decals to insert aboard our mutant vehicle, The International Time Vault. You can check out the project and the progress page at www.MutantVehicle.com

Those with large images (not just text) are best as they will be viewed through an opening with a strobe light on the Wheel of Memory for a stop-motion effect at night.

Please bring your donation to my attention at the Black Rock International Burner Hostel, located at 5:00 and Venus.

Art cred: Georgie Boy 2011: www.mutantvehicle.com/georgie_boy.htm ; Ein Hammer 2010; Fluffer 2009; Zsu Zsu 2008; U-Me 2007; Mantis 2006; MiniMan and Pikes Of Paranoia 2005; Time Machine Mutant Vehicle 2004. www.MutantVehicle.com


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