We HAD a Hobbit, 2 Seers, and a Pixie riding our RV but...

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We HAD a Hobbit, 2 Seers, and a Pixie riding our RV but...

Postby baby1278 » Sun Aug 29, 2004 12:58 am

...the Seers got a small case of the "working bug" so now there is only 2 of us riding this 27 foot monster, with room for a couple more. The Seer's will be meeting us on Thursday. We're looking for some fun, kick-back, no drama, free thinking, individuals who would like to share the cost of feeding this beast (around $400 ea). You'll have a cool place to lay your head and communal meals @ 4:20 :lol: . It would be especially nice if Alice D. Wonderland came to visit :shock: . We will be camping near 7:00 and Earth, near the Brane Village. We are hoping to leave in the afternoon on Sunday (8-29-04).
Bring your peace pipe and we'll fill it with love.
Don't be shy... :P
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Postby --Ever-- » Tue Aug 31, 2004 1:11 pm

You didn't mention what time and where you're leaving from on Thursday! I'm flying into Reno around 5:00 and would love to roll with you if the timing would work out. I figure you guys are looking for a longer-term rider, but get to me if things don't work out and you've still got room by Reno.

Thanks for any help. Best of luck

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