Broke Down, Need Parts from a bigger city than Alturas

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Broke Down, Need Parts from a bigger city than Alturas

Postby YaniNation » Sun Aug 29, 2004 12:52 pm

Hey gang, anyone not left yet, who can bring David and I parts in
Alturas??? If someone is coming through Alturas Sunday or early
Monday, we could sure use your help, otherwise we're stuck here til
late Tuesday. Please help, and if you know cellphone numbers of
anyone already on the road who may be able to help, can you call
them for us??

Here is the message we posted on the Burning Man E-Playa, we're

We are Broken Down in Alturas Ca. We need some parts by Monday early
if possible. If you can provide the following parts we will be
eternally grateful.

We have a '90 Ford Econoline 350 and need transmission parts for an
E40D transmission. The parts we need are the Front Transmission
Gasket/Seal and a Torque Converter. If we can get the parts, the
mechanic will install them

If you can seriously get these parts to us call one of the following
numbers, YaniNation at 206-915-7756 (seriously low on cellphone
minutes, so call only if you can absolutely help), or Kenny at
Walton's Auto in Alturas at 530-233-1007.

Thank you and see you on the Playa!

p.s. We were the first roadkill of the season in the Area!!! Get us
Out of Alturas!!!!!

Thanks everyone,
Yani and David

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