KSS gals in BATTLE MTN ... It's PopeyeCO

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KSS gals in BATTLE MTN ... It's PopeyeCO

Postby PopeyeCO » Sat Sep 04, 2004 5:31 pm

Kellie, Stephanie & Stacey,
Hope y'all get this.
I arrived yesterday in Salt Lake City.
A clerk at a coffee shop I stopped in to check my emails mentioned it being friday.
I had 900 miles more to drive and just over 24 hours to see the man burn.
Then soon I would have to turn around & drive the 1600 miles back.
I was exhausted & needed sleep.
My time/space continuum has been way off.
I decided I could no longer continue. I had failed in my task to connect to the caravan and my health & welfare was at risk.

I am so sorry I have your stuff.

Hope you are still having a blast without the stuff in my truck.

Safety 1st!
Too much fun 2nd!

David Nosal

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