Need help with trailer in Gerlach

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Need help with trailer in Gerlach

Post by Clownsuit » Tue Sep 14, 2004 8:02 pm

Due to ignorance of how to tow a trailer, the person I payed to tow my 16 ft travel trailer to Burning Man managed to toast the brakes on their 3/4 ton van. We live in Eugene, Oregon. They said they'd be able to get the brakes fixed and take the trailer back with them, but by the end of the burn, had become to tired to deal with it. So, they towed it to Gerlach, where I talked to Bruno, who owns the bar. He said I can keep it behind the gas station for a couple weeks. Now I'm left with the question: How do I get it home? I've checked with all my friends, and no one has a tow vehicle. I can't seem to locate a place to rent a vehicle that can tow here in Eugene. Are there any suggestions? Anyone out there who lives near Eugene who can rent me your tow vehicle? I can pay around $200. Anyone coming back from working out there who has a tow vehicle and wants to make the gas money coming back? We're pretty desperate here and welcome any suggestions.
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