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Burners Please Help NOW!

Post by nostratomas » Tue Sep 14, 2004 10:07 pm

Transcendent FunKtions is challenging your gifting Karma:

Hurricaine victims on the Island Country of Grenada desparately need our help. One of the huge needs is generators. I know that most of us only use our playa power sources once a year and this is an amazing cause. If you have been to this part of the world you know what really sweet amazing people these West Indians are. They have a great outlook on life, a rich culture, and they didn't need this to happen.

While we were driving home from the playa or unpacking our BRC gear, Grenadines were fighting for their lives. They were hit by the strongest Hurricaine disaster in the small countries history on September 7 (ish), 2004. The vast majority of the 100,000 residents are completely without power, water, food, shelter, & clothing. 90% of the islands structures were destroyed or very heavily damaged. Most Hurricaines will de-roof houses & suck out all of the contents. It is estimated that 39 people have been killed.

I have volunteered with Humboldt State University to assist in obtaining donantions of cash, tents, tarps, batteries (mainly for flashlights & radios), water treatement systems (folding water jugs are great too), construction tools, emergency housing (got dome?), corrugated roofing materials & general building materials. I did the same thing after Hurricaine Marilyn wallopped St. Thomas, while I lived there, and I know what they are going through and we can make a big ass difference.

To start the ball rolling I am donating Transcendent FunKtions one year old 5.5kw generator, gas cans, air compressor, air nailer, nails, misc hatchets, machetes, & hand tools, tents, sheets, blankets, shade structure, air mattress, and a bunch of other stuff that our camp wouldn't be using for 50 weeks anyway. What can you, your camp, your friends/family, or the company you work for donate? Pay it forward Baby!

Tax deductible donations can be made out to Humboldt State University wtih "Grenada Disater Relief Fund" written in the memo & mailed to Processing Center, 1 Harpst St., Arcata CA 95521 or call 707.839.3013 (Alisha). If you have non-monetary donations, we have a warehouse in LA & hopefully can set one up in San Fransisco shortly.

Do the right thing Beautiful Playa Peeps. One thousand positve intentions to all of you amazing souls.

Tomas Verde-Fuego (yeah, I got married on the Playa this year - I'll tell you all about it when you come by to drop off some stuff)
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