Ride for art to North Bay decompression?

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Ride for art to North Bay decompression?

Postby stimpysmurf » Tue Oct 12, 2004 11:30 pm

I need a ride for some fire art from Oakland to Santa Rosa and back on the 23rd of October for the North Bay Decompression party. Specifically, it's the Sun from 1:2.7 Billion, the scale model of the solar system at this year's event. You can see a picture of it (during the day, not burning) here:


It'll all fit easily into the back of a pickup truck, or we could probably manage with a car with a roof rack too (a hatchback would be best). All I have is a motorcycle, which won't do at all.

The packing list looks something like:

- three 10' steel poles
- a 2' high steel tripod
- a 20" steel sphere (the sun itself. it's kinda dirty from all the fire, but can be put in a plastic bag to keep your vehicle clean)
- a 4' x 2' wooden sign
- a medium-sized fire extinguisher

In addition, I'll need to bring up either of two categories of stuff, depending on what sort of fuel the organizers will allow us to use:

- a bunch of firewood
- a splitting mall, sledgehammer, and wedge
- some fireplace poker type thingies
- a 5 gallon plastic bucket


- a really large plastic bucket, like you might put a keg in with a bunch of ice if you were having a big party, or like you might use for laundry
- a couple 5 gallon propane cylinders (like from a gas bbq)
- a milk crate full of tools and stuff
- a 6' long piece of soft copper tubing

I live in Oakland, near MacArthur BART. I can ride with you up to SR, or if you don't have room (or you don't like my face, or whatever), I can ride my bike up there and send all the stuff with you. I'll help out with gas and bridge toll and stuff too.



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Postby stimpysmurf » Wed Oct 20, 2004 5:16 pm


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