An Invitation to No Borders Free Bookstore

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An Invitation to No Borders Free Bookstore

Postby cenacle » Thu Dec 23, 2004 4:47 pm

Burner friends,

For six years now I have been coming to Burning Man and setting up the No Borders Free Bookstore, usually at Center Camp. This idea came to me before BM 99, my first burn, when I was looking for a way to participate. My background is in books, I have three degrees related to literature, writing, and publishing, & I wanted to share this passion of mine with my fellow BRCitizens.

I thought about all the people I'd met over time who were smart and deep yet were not bookstore/library types...perhaps if I chose carefully, I could bring small chapbook-sized home-published books to share my love of literary art with these folks, and everyone else there. So I selected authors I felt would appeal to the wide range of lovely freaky souls who go to BM. I made them small books to be easily transportable around the city, and made as inexpensively as possible so there would be no guilt if lost or passed along to someone else.

That first year I brought little books of writings by Rumi, Rilke, Dickinson, and an anthology of writings about psychedelics (my strong feeling being that many who engage the psychedelic sacrament often do so with little background in their physical or metaphysical import), and a Burning Man coloring book. My friend Mio and I, her being my partner in the project that first year, were warmly received of our idea, and I have pursued it every Burn since. I also bring other titles that my Scriptor Press publishes.

There are now 36 Burning Man Books titles, as I bring 6 new ones each year. After a long wish to do so, I've finally got these books online at my website and available for all through cyberspace as well as annually at Burning Man. This has been and is my gift to the city, and I offer it all to you at the following place: ... store.html

I hope you like what you find. While computer files are not the same as being handed a neat little book at BRC, they are an approximation of what I've been offering up, and on that basis I hope you find them enjoyable.

Peace & fire,

PS--I invite you also to visit the rest of that site, there are other works there to be read & had:
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Postby GuinivereElise » Thu Dec 23, 2004 4:53 pm

WOW! That's really amazing... thank you...

burn on!
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Postby cenacle » Fri Dec 24, 2004 3:18 am

it's so great to have these books online at last...thanks :D
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