Lost-Beanie with Small Brim

Lost-Beanie with Small Brim

Postby MyPlayaUserName » Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:17 am

It seems to be a tradition of mine since 2010 to lose my favorite hat at Burning Man. It's a longshot, as it's a very small, cheap hat, but I was just curious so I thought I'd put up a post.
The hat was lost on Thursday, or Friday. Just outside of that large garlic-like art installation. I went back very soon after realizing it was no longer with me, but it had already disappeared without a trace.
The hat is a beanie, that is brown on one side and kind of greyish on the other. It has a small brim. It keeps the head quite warm and rectifies any bad hair. I love that hat!

I also lost a purple water bottle, right around when the trojan horse was moved on Friday. It broke off of my bicycle. So much guilt over this moop!
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