LOST: WWII Wooden and Steel Sailor's Knife

LOST: WWII Wooden and Steel Sailor's Knife

Postby HenryS » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:59 am

Hey wonderful family! One evening I was adventuring on the playa and I looked down at my leather, steel and wooden sheath, which for 60+ years faithfully held my grandfather's World War II Sailor's knife...but the knife was no longer there. :( (However, I know finding it made someone's day. I'm grateful for the possibility that it may find its way back to its sheath. ....A sheath without a knife...a knife without a sheath.... ) (Actually, carrying around an empty sheath was an important experience for a few days as I searched for my misplaced masculinity, in more ways than one. ...How I love the playa...)

Anyway, the knife -

6-8 inches end to end.
Polished, round wooden handle.
Steel ball at end of handle.
Rusted, yet sharp steel blade.

It's a gorgeous creature, and if you've seen it, you woudln't mistake it for anything else.

Thank you for reading. Sending you lots of love in your wonderful life.

See you in 307 days....give or take!

love and light,
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