first night of BM 2002, danced, cuddled in your van til morn

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first night of BM 2002, danced, cuddled in your van til morn

Postby Lianimal » Sun Jan 18, 2004 11:48 pm

I met a funny SF-based DJ, dark curly hair (I think), on Sun, Mon maybe Tues night of BM 2002. We danced til dawn (the only two on the floor) it was a disco with hammoks behind it, which we tried to lie in but not so comfy for 2 :-) So slept a few hours in the back of his van (neither of us had a tent up yet). Then i had to leave early in the morning to meet friends, he was still asleep and when i came back to look for him the place was of course completely transformed and.... alas i never saw him again! At the time I lived in Belgium, but now that I live in the Bay Area I find myself wondering... will I ever find him? Well little chance, but if this rings a little disco bell in your dj ear, if you think you might have been the dashing man with whom I shared the first night of Floating Worlds... let me know!
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