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portland burners

Postby aaron » 13 years ago

hello all, some of you I don't know, and others I don't know very well at all, that is to say.... turning hand and the mystics, hovering and his elwire, when is the decompression? same bat villa, same bat drama and all night woops? post and they shall come.


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Rob the Wop
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My back

Postby Rob the Wop » 13 years ago

is furry. But looks smashing in a backless black dinner gown.

Dusty Mcgee
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RE:I'm in, but when?

Postby Dusty Mcgee » 13 years ago

I would like to be part of any Portland area decompression as well..
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Postby Raheer » 13 years ago

Lunatic Greshamite in too. Where does Raheer need to go to see Raheer's friends at the decompression? Raheer misses the playa too much!

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fire show in eugene area- anyone interested

Postby everywhere » 13 years ago

halloween is coming and i've got all kinds of interesting stuff if any of you orgond locals are interested.

fire show in cottage grove: 13 punk bands playing a warehouse just south of eugene. i've got a 10 minute slot to fill at 9:40

looking for fire performers and musicians- all skill levels welcome, i just want a good pile of people to play with on stage. i'd love to have a sitar player, any background music would be great.

after the show eugene is full of stuff to pass the hours including at least one decompression party over by LCC. not sure of the details, but i'll get them in the next week or so.

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Looking to go to BRC in 2004

Postby Schwance » 13 years ago

Hi all! My name is Ken, but my friends call me P-bear. I'm hoping to go to BRC for the first time in 2004. I've read and seen all sorts of cool stuff, and now I think I'm ready to finally go.

I should tell you all that I'm shy with new people at first, but once I get to know you, watch out!

Well that's all for now. See ya! :D

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