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Colorado/ New Jersey Burners

Postby Amyl » Tue Sep 02, 2003 11:38 am

Dear BRC Family
It is with great sadness that I wish to tell you about a fellow burner,who we saw die.
It was sunday at 7:00 our time about 10 miles outside of Elco Nevada.
We were driving along and saw dust rise from the side of the road. Another car had stopped and people were running out to the roadside with a first aid kit.
A light bronze SUV, possibly a GMC, had flipped end to end twice- then rolled several times before stopping.The engine was still running- there was no one inside.
Jim was first to get to her. She had been thrown about 12 ft from the car. It was a horrible site her body was broken and she was obviously dead. The other witness checked for a pulse- there was none. Then he reached in to the mangled vehicle and shut the engine off. I walked up to the car just after he had shut it off. The dark interior did not hide the amount of blood inside. I was looking underneath the car for another victim when I made the horrible discovery of her left arm. It was next to the passenger side wheel. The hand was palm down. A large skin flap from the shoulder was bunched at the top. Her arm must have been caught in the seatbelt she Obviously was not wearing and was then ripped from her body.
Nearby was her bloody bra and tshirt. A boot here, chapstick there... Another witness and myself covered her arm with what was left of the shirt that had also been ripped from her young body.
She had medium length dredded light brown hair-she was a taller girl in her early 20's. She had a blue decorated playa bike and a dark leather cowboy hat with a rolled brim.
She was headed back to Colorado from the burn and her body is being flown back to her family in New Jersey.
She had almost no camping gear ( of what was spread about the field where we found her) so,I think she must have camped with others- or slept in her car.
There was a pipe nearby.
PLEASE- Oh PLEASE, Learn from her mistake. She obviously didn't sleep enough, partied too hard and may have smoked on the way home and fell asleep at the wheel. This beautiful life with so much potential ended so horribly.
If you think you know the identity of this girl please email me. I am still very disturbed by witnessing her death. I worry about her friends who don't know what happened to her. I wish to send flowers to her funeral.
Please- remember her next time you leave Black Rock City- wear your seat belt and ask yourself- Am I too tired to drive?
Love to you all
Amyl and Jimbobwe

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