Crave more desert?

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Crave more desert?

Post by centrifuge » Tue Sep 23, 2003 1:02 pm

Not exactly a "Burn" party so to speak but the Desert Sound Coalition will be throwing a jungle/reggae/ragga party FAR off into the Mojave desert - which will be very burner friendly. Many Los Angeles Burners will be in attendance so if you find yourself in that category, or would like to...PLEASE COME OUT!! We're expecting anywhere between 200-600+ people in attendance.

The party will be on Saturday, November 8th starting just before sunset. We'll be throwin down until noon the next day.

There will be TWO areas pumping out 2000 watts of sound each:

Area 1 - Jungle/DnB
Area2 - Reggae/dancehall/ragga

Directions are acquired through email ONLY! NO info lines! If you would like directions, EMAIL me at

we always have great fun out there. If you're already missing the party/debauchery in the dirt....the Desert Sound Coalition is a good group to get with...we keep it live all year long in the desert.

just a few pictures of our past years of desert madness....

SoCal Burners UNITE!!

hope to see y'all out there.


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