Burning Man Braodcast Screensaver- for regional -Repost

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Burning Man Braodcast Screensaver- for regional -Repost

Postby Ladymerv » Wed Sep 24, 2003 1:23 pm

(note this is reposted from general discussion)Hi there,
I am the NYC regional and we would like to share a broadcast tool with the community and the regionals. Its a broadcast that we, as burners, can send out to other burners around the world via their screensavers. It includes videos, and visuals of the communities creation. It allows us to share things visually and points the screens to websites that pertain to Burning Man community members.
You can check it out and read more about it before downloading anything at:

This topic was posted on the last eplaya, and a few points were discussed. We are not collecting the data submitted, you can submit false names for input if you so desire.
This company is my husbands company, who is also a regional here in NYC. He has donated the technology to Burning Man so that the community can share information, dreams, art, creations with each other...more than an email list. It also allows regions to post upcomming events and post event images. Burning Man has sanctioned this broadcast tool.

This is FREE to Burning Man peeps, and the company will never charge Burning Man or the community people to get involved or to watch the broadcast. It will never include advertisements for anything...
Originally, this tool was created for commercial uses, we have spend a lot of time making this free version for our community.

Many channels can be created in addition to the main Burning Man Channel, and you can subscribe to different channels...so if your themecamp or region wants to create a channel please advise us that it exists, so that we can subscribe and watch your channel too

If you would like to submit a screen for broadcast about your regional happenings-email with "BM Broadcast" in the subject line to
the screen should be 1024px wide and 716px high
and be 700K or less.
Please do not use images of people without their permission, and be aware that some people may have the broadcast running in their homes and/or office so content should be sutable for either of these.

looking forward!

cory aka/ LadyMerv

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Postby consumer » Thu Sep 25, 2003 11:58 am

I installed the software and like the idea, but there's one reason I'm going to now remove it:

It constantly grinds away on my hard drive even though there is no new content being download. Very annoyning to be in other room and here my hard drive mashing away until I come and stop the screen saver.

Fix this constant read/write nonsense and I'll be glad to reinstall it.

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