Ottawa burn events/burners?

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Ottawa burn events/burners?

Postby Pixie » Wed Oct 01, 2003 5:40 pm

I have a LONG business trip to Ottawa for October/November03. Can anyone point me in some good directions for amusement? Some of us do travel with business suits *and* playa coated fairy wings!!!


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Postby electrolux » Tue Oct 07, 2003 2:56 pm

there's an ottawa burner rep ( i think they have a semi-regular pub night, but i'm not sure since i got the heck out of town as soon as i graduated high school. i think there are only a handful of real live burners there.
there's not a whole lot of fun stuff to do, but i seem to always have fun at the Royal Oak on bank st. Usually a laid-back, friendly crowd.
if you're still stuck there in december, let me know, it would nice to have some playa rats to hang out with.

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