2 Burners looking for a 3rd to share great place in SF!

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2 Burners looking for a 3rd to share great place in SF!

Postby playaman » Mon Oct 13, 2003 7:59 am

$900 - Large room with private bath in a house with a GREAT view/fireplace

Hello everyone,

I don't know how else to get to as many SF burners as possible so please bear with me.

We are looking to transform our home into the "House of Dreams!"
2 burners here who want to keep the energy alive throughout the year.

Who we are looking for:
* We are looking for a 3rd who can add to the great energy of the house. * We would love to have another who is going after their dream that you can bring to the table and share. It takes alot to give your dreams vision and your passion voice. This would be the place to do it. This is about our success and creation in the world.
* We would love someone who can add to the nututring, social atmosphere of the house.
* We have a house and need another dependable roomate.
* We don't care about your orientation, but we are just being open and honest and would like you to be too.
About us:
I am 30,6'1, gay guy, and a social entrepreneur
My roomate is 33, lesbian, and a realestate investor

About the room:
The house is a split level. Your room and private bathroom would be downstairs. It is being repainted as we speak. It also has its own entrance.

Our rooms are upstairs.

Its a spacious house with great views and a working fireplace

When can you move in?
With a committment, you could move in within a week. We are looking to rent it out NOW. The room is available.

Misc. Facts:
We have a cat
We've both been to Burning Man and LOVED it! Let us know if you have too. Let's go to the decompression party!

We are actually located in the Mt. Davidson/Portolla Hill area. We are also near CCSF, SFState. Come to think of it, we are pretty central to a lot of things.

Please let me know ASAP.

We are interviewing immediately.
You can email me at anietie@pacbell.net.

6 month committment requried
700+ first month rent to move in

Map: Cresta Vista Drive and Bella Vista Way
cats are OK - purrr
http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?ed=SW ... country=us

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