Halloween Night -- 7 DEADLY SINS

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Halloween Night -- 7 DEADLY SINS

Postby Pangea Crew » Mon Oct 20, 2003 2:58 pm

:twisted: Invites you to indulge in :twisted:


Seven areas of SIN to warm your black little hearts All Night Long

DJ ASSAULT (Jefferson Ave., Detroit)
First Bay Area performance in over 2 years. Anything goes when Assault hits the decks. Be it house, techno, jungle, R & B , whatever -- as long as booties are bouncing. He‘s rocked parties around the world, each time it's the same: When he steps up to the decks and unleashes that high-speed booty-shake, the audience has only one option -- to shut the fuck up and dance.

We welcome two of Los Angeles' most innovative new school ragga dj / producers to show the bay how L.A. runs tings.....
.COM (UMSound / DRUMZ) MAINFRAME (jungleriddim recs./ LA)
w/ MC RED OCTOBER (www.jungleriddim.com / SB)

Live performance by
TRIKK BABY The self-described "voodoo funk" outfit comprised of vocalist/guitarist D'yrikki Dre'-Siikk and vocalist Zuri, the Girl of N.V., plus a rotating lineup of musicians. They will carry the VooDoo Funk into the new millenium amidst a torrent of virtuosity, skulls, fire, scantily clad woman and Sykadelikk Warfare.

Live PA’s
PRAXIS (www.OmniscientRecords.com / Pangea)
FROGGER (Breakthru, Hemisphere)

Live DJ performance by
DAWN OF SOUND (Funky Teckno Tribe, esdjco, www.dawnofsound.tv)
LES ELEMENTAL (Eden Collective/ Pangea/ http://edencollective.com/LesElemental.html )
DJ GOLDILOX (Brass Tax / www.djgoldilox.com )
BABY DADDY (Bfamily / www.ghettoblasta.net )
HUEY (Yerba Buena Discos)
SHADY J (Ill Behavior, NYC)
BURN-ONE (Baysic Crew / Synesthasia Records)
GARRETT RYAN (92.7 / Ill Behavior)
E.M.P. (Summit Sound)
ARSON vs KODA (Urban Drums / Pangea)
KRIS KENT (Ill Behavior / Pangea)
THOMAS KENT (Ill Behavior / Pangea)
DYMPHNA (DSA / Pangea)
THE REXUAL HEALING (Pangea / Bounce)
ORACLE (Orphan) join him for his last set

Lose control with the return of
XXXplicit SINema
Our XXXplicit MC Miss Mocha Chica Grande will guide you through our SINfull picture show. :shock:

Sound by

Visuals by
MONK OF FUNK ( home.earthlink.net/~mofvisualarts )

Lighting & Décor by

Many More Acts Yet TBA

Doors @ 9pm
18+ w/id
$15 advance presales & b-4 10pm
$20 @ the door

Limited capacity Oakland Venue so buy your presales or arrive early

There will be a Costume Contest so dress to Depress

For Full Details
Call: (510) 273.2484
Visit: http://edencollective.com/7deadlysins
E-mail: pangea@edencollective.com

Presale locations
BPM Records
573 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Primal Records
2420 Parker St, Berkeley, CA 94704

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