Not going this year?

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Not going this year?

Post by alienfry » Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:46 pm

Me neither and not without a heavy heart.

But me and 15 or so friends are celebrating in Southern California during Labor Day Weekend. If you are in California, Nevada or Arizona and want to celebrate with us from a very secluded place, very far, among fellow Burners then contact me and I will give you more information.

I will tell you this much for now:
~lowered cars might not make it
~there will be no ammenities besides shade and fire
~there wont be cell phone service
~it'll be hot in the day and cold at night
~it's gonna happen 4 hours away from los angeles
~it might just change the way you and I burn forever

To all who ARE attending BRC: have a great time but don't worry about burning extra hard for me. I got that covered!

[email protected]
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Post by alienfry » Mon Aug 27, 2007 9:45 am

Drums will beat in the north, horns will honk in the south, and the warm summer wind will sweep over us from all directions humming, whispering into our eager ears:

“Burn, burn, burn!â€
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We will capture hell and paint it pink...

Post by alienfry » Mon Aug 27, 2007 9:47 am

...and apply glitter, in South Rock.

I scouted the location today. It's a long drive but the roads are flat and hard and the directions are simple.

It is a magincal place. Volcanic rocks paint mountains south of our lakebed black and pepper its edges where rain drains onto them from surrounding bushland. To the north I watched mountain ranges turn purple and blue, the sun setting slowly behind them. Long silver clouds stretched across the sky. I visited countless tiny patches of mini-lakebeds good for tomfoolery, sunbathing, private bocci ball competitions, anything. On the big lakebeds I drove in donuts. I kicked up dust and I howled. I got lost a bit. I took immaculate notes. I felt at home again. I felt like I was on the Playa. Indeed I think I was. I think I still am even here at a computer and so are you, wherever you are at this moment. It's just easier out there in the middle of the vast, flat, white expanse to remember that Burning is constant.

You'll visit 2 other lakebeds and a mini one before reaching ours. You'll have to find the connecting roads by hugging their perimeters. A Honda Civic could make it just fine. Upon arrival You'll play games and meditate and dance. You will have fun. I'm certain of all of these things.

Friday night I'll arrive and set up shop. Sunday night something burns. Monday morning we'll pack up and head home, our burning carreers forever changed.

Be sure to let me know you are coming or may be coming so I can get you detailed driving directions. I'll keep you updated throughout the week.


p.s. this isn't my party. It's yours. Bring it. =)
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Post by alienfry » Thu Aug 30, 2007 11:39 am

haha magiNcal
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Post by blyslv » Thu Aug 30, 2007 11:56 am

AF I don't want to hijack your thread, but please allow me to piggyback an announcement.

There is a gathering in Northern New Mexico just like the one described above, and shorter (one night only).

fire and shade, baybee! fire and shade.

email before Sat. and I'll send you driving directions.
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Post by alienfry » Thu Aug 30, 2007 6:13 pm


I bought Avocado-flavored Honey at the Farmer’s Market today. I went to Yoga last night. I twisted my ankle in a mosh pit Tuesday at a Gypsy punk show. All week long I’ve been smiling at strangers and building up the nerve to bring my own glass to the bars in my neighborhood tonight. I am as giddy as a once bologna-destined farm animal that got away. All because… it’s Burning Man week! Celebrate with us in the Mojave desert this weekend from sometime Friday night through sometime Monday morning (September 1-3).

Bring your boom box. Bring body paint and lots of beer and drugs and bikes and wood. Bring stories. Bring stress, to burn. Bring hopes, to rise. Bring everything. Leave behind only your inhibitions. Together with all of these things we will build SOUTH ROCK—an outpost for Burning Diaspora who just didn’t make it to BRC this year.

A couple great things about this: we have no precedent! This will be as incredible as we decide it to be. There are no rules (well, there ARE 3 rules) and no tickets to buy! I imagine that what we’re about to embark on will be reminiscent of the first Burns in the Black Rock Desert .

Don’t take this invitation lightly. Forward to only people you love and trust.

Three rules:
Absolutely no litter. No Matter Out Of Place (MOOP). No used toilet paper. No cigarette butts. No food waste on the ground.
Don’t get us busted. No fireworks or being an idiot. Don’t dehydrate or overdose. Don’t drive stupid or bump your music. Mind your business in Barstow and be polite to people.
Bacon. Wrap something in Bacon. Right now. Do it!

South Rock will provide shade, fire, games, and a shower! You bring the rest.

Grey water (runoff from shower), and black water (poopoo and peepee in bushes at the edge of the lakebed) are the only things I’m willing to leave out there. Please do not leave your used toilet paper out there. We can burn it instead or pack it home.

An effigy will burn LATE Sunday night. Feel free to add stuff to it. It’ll be small in respect to our dry season. We will be a half a mile from any brush but we will STILL be very mindful about fire safety. Fire dancers and tiki torch enthusiasts please use discretion and keep all flames no closer than a whole fucking kilometer from the lakebed edge.

Below is a weather report for the weekend, a list of items to bring and the driving directions to the party. I’ll arrive around 2am ish Friday night / Saturday morning.

Sunrise 6:21AM
Sunset 7:15PM
UV Index 10
Wind SSW at 7 mph
Humidity 22%
High 105
Low 76

Sunrise 6:21AM
Sunset 7:14PM
UV Index 10
Wind SSW at 10 mph
Humidity 22%
High 105
Low 75

Current Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous -- One-half of the Moon is illuminated by direct sunlight and is decreasing. The Moon has been rising in Barstow at about 8pm and staying up until morning.


1 or more gallons of water per person per day
Water bottle
A Cup
Hot clothes
Sunscreen (if you’re into that)

1 watergun or squirt bottle per person
1 extra sheet or blanket for the ground
1 extra pillow for the ground

A bike
A chair
Hard Liquor
Sports Drink
Nerf toys
Wet wipes


For driving directions you must email me at [email protected]


I scouted this location last weekend: BEAUTIFUL!
There WILL be other people in the desert for Labor Day Weekend. Be polite.
If cops come, BE POLITE.
I’m not fucking around about water. Bring a lot.
And of course: Bacon. Bacon, bacon and more bacon. SOUTH ROCK IS BUILT ON BACON!
My cell is 323.219.3263. I respond best to texting.

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Post by wannaberavin » Fri Aug 31, 2007 4:27 am

Sounds like fun. Too Bad I am in FL. Have a blast.
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Post by BAS » Sat Sep 01, 2007 1:16 pm

Yeah. I am in Wisconsin, so Black Rock would be closer than either California or New Mexico. (Florida, however, IS closer-- but wannaberavin didn't mention an event....)

Anyway, have fun everybody! Stay out of trouble, or at least don't get caught! :wink:

B. (getting kind of spacey due to allergies... makes me wish I were in the desert! :( )
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Do things that have never been done."
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