Harmonic Concordance!!

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Harmonic Concordance!!

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Harmonic Concordance
Peek: November 8, 2003 at 8:13 pm.
Greetings and Salutations Everyone!
Here is lots of info regarding The Harmonic Concordance.... (the 3rd
e-mail is long but most interesting)
Some of you may already be well aware of this event, but even so,
I'm sending all of this for your perusal, as you choose.
In the Eternal Onement,
(you will find me sounding my 'om' somewhere on sat. night!)
     1st. email:
     On November 8, 2003 at 8:13 pm (NY Time) we will have the
     opportunity to
     sound together and anchor in new interdimensional energies at
     a powerful and
     climactic moment in the Earth's history. It is our great
     pleasure to co-create with you
     PROJECT OM, a Webcast on World Puja using our Sound,
     Light and Love to assist
     in anchoring these new energies for personal and planetary
     healing and transformation.
     At 8:13 PM (New York Time) on November 8, 2003, a
     geometrically perfect six
     sided (Star of David) configuration will appear in the sky,
     linking and
     balancing the energies of six astrological bodies; the Sun,
     Jupiter, Mars,
     Saturn, Chiron and the Moon. In addition, there will be an
     eclipse of the
     full moon at this time. The interaction of this significant
     alignment at the moment of the eclipse combines to produce a
     alchemical transformation offering the opportunity for both
     personal and
     planetary shifts in consciousness.
     The name that has been given to this particular energetic
     window of time is
     the Harmonic Concordance. It goes from November 5th
     through the 11th with
     the peak at 8:13 PM on November 8th!
     This Grand Sextile astrological configuration, accompanying a
     total lunar
     eclipse, has never before occurred in recorded history. This is
     immensely powerful vibrational activation that many
     throughout the
     planet see as a major interdimensional gateway fulfilling
     prophecies from different traditions and ushering in a new
     activation of energy upon
     the Earth. .
     Sound is an extraordinarily powerful vehicle for creating
     frequency shifts
     and raising planetary consciousness. By simultaneously toning
     together a
     Planetary Healing Sound at 8:13 PM (NY Time) on Nov. 8,
     2003, we can create
     a coherent wave form that will assist the already
     manifesting transformational energy of the cosmos. For this
     reason, we are
     working in conjunction with World Puja to use the Internet to
     people throughout the planet through Sound, Light and Love.
     The Schedule for Project Om is as follows:
     8:00 The Harmonic Concordance Webcast begins on World
     Puja. Information
     about Project Om is shared.
     8:05 We begin preliminary breathing and sounding exercises
     to clear and
     attune ourselves.
     8:11 We begin to sound a rolling "Om", projecting this sound
     to assist in
     planetary activation for this new energy. We will be sounding
     as the Lunar
     Eclipse begins at 8:13
     8:22 We finish making sound and now meditate in this energy
     8:30 We conclude our Webcast.
     Because of the enormity of this cosmological event, the
     Harmonic Concordance,
     which some are comparing to the Harmonic Convergence and
     the 11:11,
     there are literally thousands of websites with differing
     about this important time. There are also events occurring
     throughout the world to help usher in this new energy. There
     are many
     perspectives and belief systems available with varying agendas
     attached to
     them. Because of this, we do not feel it necessary to provide
     information, except to say that projecting Light & Love
     through Sound
     together at 8:13 PM NY Time on November 8, 2003 will be
     beneficial for personal and planetary consciousness activation.
     Please join us! And please send this email to others. There are
     prophecies that say that if 144,000 sound together, a new era
     consciousness may be issued in. Perhaps this is the time!
     Harmonically Yours,
     Jonathan Goldman & Sound Healers Association
     Additional sites with information on this powerful time are
     found below.
     Many others sites are also available using search engines.

2nd email:
(Bios on Sabina and Paul are on the Toronto Dowsers website, Sabina
is in her office on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Greetings everyone,
I'm sending you another reminder of an intriguing workshop being
offered by Paul Hewitt, an astrologer and myself on Our Planetary Future
Energy medicine. It takes place on a major  astrological event , called
Harmonic Concordance, on Nov. 8th. For those of you interested in knowing
more about the Harmonic Concordance , please e-mail me for a full
description by the astrologer who identified this time period.
and Current Revelations Through Astrology and Kirlian photography.

Major astronomical discoveries over the coming decades will usher
in new breathtaking changes. To fully understand what is ahead for us
all on this planet, we will first look at a bit of history. By studying
the major astronomical discoveries of the past and then reviewing the
that followed, it quickly becomes apparent there is a correlation
between them! We will spend time on the current astrology shifts and
how  it
impacts us, including the Harmonic Concordance, the star system openings,
the significance in mass consciousness, and our future . By the end of
this lecture you will have a much clearer perspective on where the human
race is headed. I will present material in the area of our light bodies,
how we can transform them, and see them, utilizing the GDV Kirlian
camera. A
demo will be conducted before our spiritual meditation of unity and
peace by taking a picture of an individual in the group  and after
our meditation... ( specific essential oils will be available for those
who are interested) .  We will see how consciousness shapes our reality.
Come and join us on this very special day as enlightened beings. Learn
what is in store for our planet , and  your future life,  right now.

    Cost: $65.00 prepaid, $75.00 at the door.
     Phone 905-451-4475
     Make cheques payable  to: Dr. Sabina DeVita,
     Mail to : 7700 Hurontario St. Suite 408,
     Brampton, On. L6Y 4M3

     3rd email:  5 pages  (for when you have some time to spare).
On August 28, 1998, John Mirehiel (pronounced Ma-RAY-he-el),
astrologer, first identified a still-to-come moment of great
astrological potential. While he was surfing the future, using a
sophisticated software program that displayed planetary positions
around a horoscope wheel, his attention was drawn to the patterns
forming in early November of 2003.
As he watched the shifting planets, they began to align themselves in a
planetary pattern known to astrologers as The Grand Sextile, (star
tetrahedron ) thought to be highly beneficial when it appears in the
chart of an individual . In this instance, however, the horoscope
Mirehiel was seeing was not one for an individual, but rather it was a
global one, for Mother Earth herself. It was a unique astrological
chart, representing a moment in time during which we can change the
world we see, and ourselves, if we so choose. It has been called the
Harmonic Concordance of 2003.
The context in which the Harmonic Concordance information is presented
happens to arrive in the language of western, geocentric, tropical
astrology. The chart for that moment is rife with astrological details
encoded in this specific date. The metaphors to which those details
refer describe a moment in which a great shift in conscious awareness
may well take place. It is very interesting to note, however, that
this year (2003) and this day (November 8th or 9th depending on where
you are located in relation to the International Date Line), if not
this exact clock moment, have clearly been anticipated within the
framework of other traditions as well.
The Shifting World of 2003
In the years since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, José Argüelles and
his wife, Lloydine, have been campaigning for a calendar reform that
would place us on a Thirteen-Moon Calendar, to complete the necessary
realignment of humanity to the cycles naturally experienced by the
Earth. They believe that this is necessary if we are to avoid crashing
into "the wall" of the 2012 necrosphere. Interestingly, they tell me
that on November 8, 2003, we will have exactly one galactic spin cycle
left (as reckoned in the Mayan Calendar) to complete the realignment of
humanity to the cycles naturally experienced by Mother Earth. But
noted Psychic Silvia Browne has said the 2012 date itself is erroneous;
that confusion arising over western calendar systems has led to our
belief that 2012 represents the last noted year of the Mayan Great
Calendar when, according to her guides, 2003 is the correct
corresponding Gregorian year.
Yet another commentator, posting on the "Troubled Times" website, says
that the "significant event" calendar date line, supposedly encoded
into the architecture of the Great Pyramid, terminates abruptly at the
end of the year 2003. Even some Christian ministers claim that the
prophecies of Daniel predict that the "End Times" will arrive in 2003.
Peruvian shamans of the Q'ero line (a lineage shared by both the Inca
and the Apaches), descendants of those who fled into the high Andes to
escape the Spanish conquistadors, have told shaman-psychologist Dr.
Alberto Villoldo about the occurrence of an important event in the late
fall of 2003. At that time, which they say will mark the end of the
current, and final, "Pachakuti" (a period of cleansing, when everything
is turned upside down), it is said that a tear, or hole in the fabric
of time will appear, and that those who have prepared for it will be
able to walk through it and into their luminous bodies.
Another author, "time researcher" Preston Nichols, who has studied time
and consciousness as they are shaped by frequencies and magnetic
fields, has pinpointed 2003 as the significant year at the other end of
the "time wormhole" that was first opened by the Philadelphia
Experiment in 1943.
And Starr Fuentes, master healer and teacher in the "curandera"
tradition, who works with similar metaphors of frequencies as the
causal factors behind physical manifestation, says that she was alerted
to the importance of November 8, 2003, by her own teacher in 1964.
The affirmations and confirmations of the importance of this time by
these and other well-known seers, mystics, psychics, and researchers,
as well as those of many private individuals, clearly indicate the
power of the Harmonic Concordance Moment to stand at the hub of a wide
variety of converging timelines.
Some Astrological Factors
In linear time, the Harmonic Concordance Moment of November 8-9,
2003,is presently a future astronomical event that will occur at
the precise moment when a Total Lunar Eclipse completes an
astrologically beneficial configuration known as the Grand Sextile.
Like other previously announced, spiritually significant times (most
notably the Harmonic Convergence mentioned above), the Harmonic
Concordance of 2003 will pull a great many people into a prayerful
alignment, at one moment, with a focused intent of a higher
spiritual purpose. In this case, the larger purpose is the Ascension of
Mother Earth and her awakened inhabitants. I have been a practicing
astrologer and spiritual seeker for more than 30 years. As the
discoverer of the chart, I have identified many individual astrological
details that are in play at the moment of the Concordance Eclipse. My
experience tells me that those factors, when taken all together,
confirm a promise of hope, joy, unity, and transformation. Nor am I
alone in this astrological assessment of the Harmonic Concordance
chart. Astrologers of all rank, from the world famous to novice, have
seen, been inspired by, written of, and spoken about its enormous
potential. The spiritually inclined, in particular, are invariably
impressed by the power and purpose expressed in the chart.
The Spiritual Meaning
Although this astrological chart is set for our future, the ultimate
perfection of that ascended world exists right now. Many metaphysical
and spiritual traditions have long told us that Time is the great
illusion; that, in fact, all time "happens" in the simultaneous NOW. If
that is so, then this "future" moment of ultimate balance, power, and
peace is available to us in the present. As such, it behooves us to
claim that moment now. If we can accept the idea that that perfect
world is co-existent with the somewhat different exterior "reality"
that most of us see, then we must also accept the possibility that we
can change that exterior projection. To acknowledge that we are the
ones responsible for the appearance of that projection means that we
must begin to understand what immense and limitless creative beings we
are. Unfortunately, we often have trouble accepting that thought, even
though the avatars and exemplars throughout the ages have told us this
is so.
One major block to this realization lies in our persistent belief in
solid space and linear time. However, if you can conceive of how it
might feel to live as an Ascended Master in an Ascended World, you can
step through a hole in time, anytime, and bring that existence back
into your daily experience, right then and there, here and now.
The Harmonic Concordance chart portrays a multi-dimensional mandala in
sacred geometry, offering a variety of these reminders through symbols
that are significant in many different belief systems. It contains, for
example, a two-dimensional representation of the 8-pointed star that is
called the Merkaba, the symbol that represents the Light Body form as
seen by those who can perceive on this level. Practitioners of the
Merkaba meditation essentially visualize rolling their light bodies
through time, from one present moment into the next. This exercise
allows them to stay in an eternally perfect present, while learning how
to work with new energetic concepts of time.
Conscious Intent and Change
In The Seth Material, Seth, speaking through the late Jane Roberts,
proposes that what he calls "temporal consciousness," or time, is
essentially a dimension of action. This certainly seems to have been
demonstrated by recent mass consciousness experiments on Art Bell's
"Coast to Coast" radio show. The background to these experiments was
research conducted by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Institute, which has placed thirty-two data-recording instruments
around the world to pick up changes in the Earth's field. On 9/11, a
couple of hours before the first plane struck the World Trade Center,
the Princeton group reported, there was a significant perturbation, or
change, in this field.
Inspired by this indication that a field of mass consciousness exists
which carries some sentience about the outcome of human events, Bell
and his guest host, George Noory, issued specific requests to their
vast numbers of radio listeners challenging them to act collectively in
order to deliberately influence that field of consciousness to achieve
a positive outcome.
At the time of this writing, the last such challenge issued was for the
audience to visualize a resolution to the Washington "Sniper Crisis,"
such that the situation would be resolved quickly and no one else would
be hurt. The two suspects who are now in custody were arrested in the
early morning hours immediately following this show. No one was injured
in the capture.
This event is only the last in a long line of "coincidences" of many
types that show us that the Concordance message is indeed an open
invitation to play in the field of temporal dimension. Why not do so in
the most inspired possible manner?
Which is precisely the point. The great promise of this Harmonic
Concordance Moment is that its potential may be assessed at any moment.
Quantum physicists speak of "nonlocal" reality as comprising the basic
structural "field" that supports and sustains all life. In this
reality, time and space do not exist. This is the place from which we
are able to see the Universal Perfection in All That Is; and it is
from this vantage point that we can step through the Concordance
paradox and into a divine state of existence, right now. Spirit will
respond to any individual up-reach, at any time. This is the symbolism
inherent in the interlocking triangles of the Star of David pattern. It
is therefore the great paradox of the Concordance Moment that if you
wait until November 8, 2003, to experience it, you might well miss it
John Mirehiel

(P.S. From the view of PATRICIA DIANE COTA-ROBLES This is what
will be happening:
The Spiritual Hierarchy has revealed that 2003 is the year that is
destined for the global shift of consciousness we have been
anticipating for the past 50 years.
During that rare moment, the Cosmic I AM (Divine Source Energies) will
flood the Earth with unprecedented frequencies of Divine Consciousness
and lift every man, woman and child a quantum leap into the remembrance
of the Oneness of ALL life. That rare Galactic alignment will occur on
November 8, 2003.
I am frequently asked what relationship November 8-9, 2003, have to
Harmonic Convergence of 1987. José Argüelles, the well-known
of ancient Mayan texts, called the world's attention to the 1987 event
being exceptionally propitious for the spiritual growth of humankind.
The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 also offers us an exceptionally
Moment (shared throughout every time zone) for the further graduation
of humanity as a whole, and for Mother Earth as well. In this sense they
share the same lineage.

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