2nd, smaller decom this weekend: FIRECROTCH!

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2nd, smaller decom this weekend: FIRECROTCH!

Post by alienfry » Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:44 pm

if you're in town this weekend... our camp's been throwing parties for years and Decoms for the past 2. We're pretty extraordinary because of where we rock out, who attends and what we do. Although I have fun at other events I genuinely feel like ours take us back to the playa. We are sans money, sans authorities, sans clicks, sans boundaries. If you are interested in joining us this weekend contact [email protected] and introduce yourself. be sure to note that you heard about our event on the eplaya. lookin forward to having you!


From the people who brought you Liberace and Zardoz...

Revisit, redefine and push the boundaries of your imagination with us Saturday, October 20th, 2007 at FIRECROTCH, Kathanika's 3rd Annual Decompression! Dance, hoot and holler the chilly Autumn night away at our new location remarkably larger, more private and just as beautiful as our usual lakebed. This year's location boasts 2 square miles of vast flat expanse.

An effigy will burn, interactive art pieces will dot the horizon and DJs will deliver wicked beats for our feet to stomp to and hearts to skip over. DJs include Vlady (live techno set) , Seth Andrew, Proqxis, Orence, Koskela and more!

For the first time ever live bands and a live techno performance will rock our Decom. Three distinctly themed areas will offer different activities and places to camp at for the night.

Costumes, bicycles, fire-dancing, booze and warm clothes are all strongly encouraged. Water too. Firewood is appreciated by all.
FIRECROTCH burns between 4-5am

Additional art installations and/or performances are also strongly encouraged. Contact Jared "Prvt.Dancer" to let us know what your idea is, or surprise us! This event is yours!

Campers will travel out to the location the night prior, October 19. You are welcome to come!

Driving directions will be sent out tomorrow.

Kathanika is the name of our theme camp at Burning Man. ALL are welcome.
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Post by spidermonkey » Fri Oct 19, 2007 7:22 pm

hey jared,
i sent an email, no directions yet but i'd really like to come. not sure if i am being impatient or you didn't get it but figured i'd be safe and vocalize my support/desire for your event :) [email protected]
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