HELP! 11/12/03 - Los Angeles - Need Capoeira Performers!

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HELP! 11/12/03 - Los Angeles - Need Capoeira Performers!

Post by PetsUntilEaten » Wed Nov 12, 2003 12:48 pm

Please please please! - - - I'll be your special friend!

The wonderful Invisible College held bi-weekly Thursdays at Little Pedros / Blue Bongo is having a Brazilian evening tomorrow night - 11/13/03. They have an amazing line up but are still looking for people interested in performing Capoeira and possibly doing a brief amount of instruction.

Please email me immediately & I will give you Peter Giblin's number to make arrangements.

For more on this interesting event check out :

or see below!


Invisible College 7

"There is no revolutionary art without revolutionary form." Vladimir Mayakovski

Join us for an evening honoring the exquisite music of Brazil. Zoe, our tour guide, will mix up a batch of Caipiroska a drink made from vodka, wedges of lime, sugar and crushed ice, and we'll also try our hand at making Feijoada, a popular Brazilian meat stew made with black beans served over rice with orange slices.

Join us for dinner and stay a while!

Tropicalia, a revolutionary art movement that stirred Brazilian popular music between 1967 and 1968, was an absurd backlash against the 'normal'. Its most prominent practitioners, singer/songwriters Caetano Veloso and his sister Maria Bethania, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa and Tom Zé, used advanced or obscure lyricism and poetic word-play as an art form and, more importantly to the Brazilian legacy, introduced electric instruments from rock music -- electric guitar and bass.

When some of the biggest stars in MPB were exiled for criticizing the government others started using allegory, as in Buarque's "Apesar de Voçe" (In Spite Of You) to pass the censors.

The Tropicalia movement lasted only about two years, transforming in the wake of the increasing repression by the military government into MPB or Música Popular Brasileira, a general term for a broad group of popular music that retained roots of Samba, Forró and other more regional forms, along with the electric instrumentation.

Zoe will share rare CD's and her collection of Celebrity Polaroid's taken twenty years ago of Brazilian artists, filmmakers and writers still carrying on the tradition of Tropicalia. Join her and her friends for a Caipiroska, as they discuss the importance of music and lyrics in Brazilian culture.

Wear your favorite Psychedelic Fashion.

A short presentation on the origins and culture of Santo Daime and it's ritual use of a potent vision inducing tea called Ayahuasca.

Brazilians regard Capoeira as a game rather than as a fighting form. Don't miss this demo!

Digital Cutup Lounge West
With late night dancefloor jazz set by Digital Cutup Lounge West. DCL cut and cut to the ruptures and the strokes, using computers to mix dance tracks, ambient noise, jazz solos, Internet radio broadcasts and music from all over the globe, following a massive multicultural collision course with our hyperaccelerated future...DJ john von mixes it up with Andrew on computer-assisted saxophone, Michael on keyboards and Scrote on guitar.

Invisible College
Thursday November 13, 2003
8pm till late late late
Door $5.

Location: Blue Bongo Cafe (Little Pedros)
Address: 901 E. 1st Street, 90012

The newly renovated Blue Bongo Bar (though still sporting the iconographic Little Pedros sign) is across the street from the largest Buddhist temple in downtown Los Angeles. Large cozy booths, a fabulous bar, great crowd, Italian chef, and plenty of free, safe parking.

ceremoniously signed,

Coco Conn
Peter Giblin
Social Directors of The Invisible College

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