Shameless Self Promotion ( San Francisco Bay Area )

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Shameless Self Promotion ( San Francisco Bay Area )

Post by Angry Butterfly » Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:55 pm

As promised I am posting about a couple shows that I am doing in the bay area, although I dont realy like to use this space for advertising, I am making an exeption in this case because both are events that burners are either directly involved in ( the Infinite Kaos Event) or will enjoy, and are free or inexpensive ($3) to attend. Also, It has been pointed out to me that my web site has nothing on it, and people are curious about my work.

The first is an Infinte Kaos Event, For those of you unfirmilliar with Infinite Kaos, they are a group of performers and visual artists who put on a fire dance and movement clinic/ jam called spin jam every thursday night AND have been performing at burning man and hosting theme camps for years. I think spin Jam Actually has playa origins, because there is a spin Jam held every year on the playa. They are a wonderful example of people taking the burning man spirit year round, and How I got involved in the whole Burning Man thing. This event is a great opportunity to visit the space and see what they do ( particularly if thursday nights are impossible due to your work schedule) The following is the announcement letter:

Hello Friends
Infinite Kaos invites you to the first of a new series of arts oriented
events at the IKHQ- Synergia.

The concept: Bring together arts from all mediums- visual, sonic, and
performance - into an evening of artistic fusion. It is part gallery,
part performance, part concert- ALL original. There will be one of a
kind collaborations and avant garde offerings. And wrapping up the
evening, the event will convert into an open forum for artistic
expression among the audience- FUN! Art and cds will be on hand for

-The amazing Mark Deutsch will partner with Insect Funeral for a live
sonic journey into the crevices of the mind.
-Visual artists Vibrata Chromodoris and Andres Amador will create live
psychadelic painting and sculpture
-Sonic sculptors Araña and Shamanik will create textural blends
-Aerial troupe Las Aerialistas will perform improv contact above your
-exhibiting artists: Ilan Laks, Sarah Schumm, and Crescent Korrasso

For more info and artist bios:

Where: 136 Taylor St.
When: 7-12pm Nov 28
Admission: $3

Can't make it? That's Ok because there is another event that I have for you. Phantom Phantom galleries is putting on a holiday boutique in downtown San Jose. Although Phantom galleries is not as directly connected to Burning Man as IK, I am including it here because it is a great concept. Phantom Galleries takes empty storefront space in San Jose and uses it to display the work of local artists. it is a great way to get exposure, and certainly better than looking at ugly empty windows. THe great thing about the boutique is that the art is priced to be affordable (nothing over $150) and is CERTAINLY a better option for holiday gifts than the mall. The gallery is only taking a 30% commission, ( galleries usualy take 50% FYI) AND the 30% goes to the Phantom Galleries project! I didnt even mark my work up to cover the commission because I like the project so much. ( and neither did any of the other artists I spoke to, some selling much under what they usualy get at galleries) The following is the offical announcement for Phantom Galleries:

We invite you to attend the Second Annual
Holiday Gallery of Gifts
featuring: me and a bunch of other artists

Grand Opening Artists' Reception: Friday, November 28th, 7pm -9 pm
Light buffet, refreshments, entertainment and holiday spirit!

A wonderful assortment of original works of art, textiles, jewelry, clothing, cards and unique gifts for the holiday season as presented by over 50 local artists and non-profit organizations.

Gallery Location and Hours:
55 South First Street (@ Post Street), Downtown San Jose
Mon. - Sat., Noon - 7pm, through December 20th, 2003

Free parking after 6 pm and weekends at many downtown lots, visit for more information.

The Holiday Gallery of Gifts is produced by Two Fish Design Group, part of POPULUS Presents, a public space activation collective coordinated by the San Jose Downtown Association in partnership with the San Jose Redevelopment Agency. For more information call 408-271-5151 or visit:
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Angry Butterfly
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Post by Angry Butterfly » Wed Nov 26, 2003 5:55 pm

I forgot to mention that the stuff that I am showing at these events is the burning man inspired series: "5 of hearts" they are meditations on fire patterns, I chose the theme 5 of hearts because I got a 5 of hearts playing card as my very last gift, and when I got home I had exactly 5 sheets of red paper. There will be 25 (5 squared) when I finish. The ones that are at IK are going to be 1 through 5 and 17 and up depending on how many I finish, 6 through 15 are at phantom galleries, I think #4 is probably sold, but I'm taking it to IK anyway. I think I'm gonna do Pi mandalas next, or the Chakras, I havent decided.
I took the road less traveled, and now I would like to go back and find the paved one.

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Post by Anti Butterfly » Sat Nov 29, 2003 1:14 pm

meditations shmenitaitons, Angry Butterfly is a shameless capitalist who would sell her own mother!

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