Winter Solstice in Virginia

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Winter Solstice in Virginia

Postby DumpStarX » Wed Nov 26, 2003 1:04 am

So, I’ve been brainstorming a Lunatic Carnival. The spring equinox found us building a shadow box theatre and attempting to tell the story of Lilith’s exile from Eden. We wanted to draw parallels between Adam, Uncle Sam and the man in general. The drumming, fire and shadows were great, but we started losing momentum. Things kind of degenerated into keggers in the tipi, and I just about pulled the plug. There’s nothing like a week in BRC to wake a kid up. Now I want to throw another carnival the weekend before Christmas. We’re putting together the legend of Prometheus. I’m out here building the iron eagle and mount Olympus. Anyone remotely interested should get in touch! I’m sitting on a lot of land just outside of Charlottesville.

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