fire spinning in thailand

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fire spinning in thailand

Postby burnin' steph » Sun Jan 18, 2004 7:04 pm

I thought that I'd start a thread so that those of us who spin fire could connect with some of the local Thais who also like to burn. Most places that sell equipment here to do not sell kevlar wicks, they are cotton. It seems to be very popular to use towels and wire and replace them frequently when they burn out. Kerosene is either very easy to find or very difficult but spinning on the beaches is always well received- you may even be able to find 'work' for a bar this way.

Bangkok- there is a lovely couple who work on the road beside the wat near Khao San road. The have a little road stall beside the blue Volkswagon bar. They often practice and will show moves to you on the street. They also sell equipment.

Koh Samed (also called Koh Samet)- the bars that I checked out on Ao Hin Khok beach had fire spinners each night (it's also the beach with the cheapest accomodation and most backpackers). Silversand offers lessons and a show each night and there is also a show at Tok's Bar.

Koh Phan Gan- many people spinning, particularly on the full moon at Haad Rin beach. Lots of equipment (though not very quality), kerosene and lessons available.

Koh Tao- spinners appear at various times at the few bars on Sairee beach- In Touch, AC bar and the new Maya bar. One bar was advertising for a fire spinner and would pay money for a nightly show.

Koh Phi Phi- again many spinners. Check Hippy Bar and Karma bar for shows nightly on the beach. There is also another bar closer to town that does a show too. Souschard at Phi Phi Climbers makes very well made collapsable staffs and beautiful practice poi all handmade. The show I saw at Karma one night was the sexiest all male cowboy style show that I've seen in Thailand!

Koh Lanta- I stayed at Bee Bee little village bungalows and a man named Santosh performed there a few times a week. He also gives daily lessons for only 150B and hour, guarenteed four tricks or your money back. He has a unique style that incorporates elements of Tai Chi and marital arts. Other bars on Khlong Khong beach also do fire shows and I'm sure that there are more people performing on the island.
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Koh Samui fire spinning

Postby cookie » Mon Mar 22, 2004 10:36 pm

I've spent the last few months on Koh Samui.

I have a friend who owns a bar on the beach called Auy Bar.

It's on the beach just outside the Aloha resort and the south end of Lamai Beach.

There is a guy that works for him that spins named Oht (awwwt), and he teaches his children to do it. His oldest son, about 8 or 9, often spinsMany nights, you can go down there and just chillout and maybe they'll be spinning, maybe they won't.

Oht doesn't speak much english, but if you are interested in connecting with people that spin, everyone in Thailand understands the universal language.

It's really cool to watch his kids practice.

Tell Auy, Boom, or Oht that Cookie sent you.

Also, if you go to the Mint Bar (in soi Green Mango) in Chaweng Beach - there is a bartender that often times breaks out bottles, lights them up and spins them around. They've got quite a banging soundsystem in that place (as it's owned by a young british guy) and they, from time to time, have UK house DJ's.

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