{karousel} a circus of bleeding hearts ::: SF, this Friday !

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{karousel} a circus of bleeding hearts ::: SF, this Friday !

Postby slandermask » Mon Feb 02, 2004 3:32 pm

well dear burners, you are about to experience a bullet through your third eye. something to slice open your intenstines and fry your unconcscious minds. (Unicorn). remember that nightmare where you saw yourself as the krown heir of kreation riding a caravan through a sea of laughing fiends and dancing goats? waking up in your sweaty secretions? panting.. like a two year-old dog who just lost his master? well, its not over yet. you are still asleep. rip off your skin, expose your wings... and dekapitate yourself on the trapeze of lyfe.

heartkore PRODUCTIONS and insatiable sound sf have ground together their organs to birth a demon spawn of sight, sound, emotion and ether. witness the rhythmik convulsions of the magic musicians of minos as they gut a minotaur, feeding on its beats and blood. become entranced as you writhe in the orgasmik contorsions of alaska / the banshee Goddess of agony and exstacy. bow way down to the von stilten family, benevolent creatures rising twelve feet above the polished marble sarcophogous. slide your ass into a slap-happy spank-a-thon of throbbing red noses and dew-dripping flowers where the cacophonous klowns will part the lips of love for you to explore with your fork-tongue. elevate above the inferno, escaping into a sphere of the rebellious angels who unzipped the gatekeeper, slipping through the VIP entrance back into heaven.

Carnivalesque adornment encouraged. Let your dark side shine through.

Date: 2/6/04
Time: 10pm-6am,
Place: * Space 550 (550 Barneveld), <www.space550.com>
Cover: $15 presale/costume (BPM Records), $20 door


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