Wanted: Art Cars & Performers; Mardi Gras Benicia, April

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Wanted: Art Cars & Performers; Mardi Gras Benicia, April

Postby jmoralesgibson » Fri Feb 20, 2004 9:28 pm

Calling all Art Cars!
Several members of our theme camp (Mehndi Body Oasis) vollunteer for Mardi Gras Benicia. We host an annual parade and festival in the art community of Benicia in the northern East Bay. This year's bash happens on Saturday April 24th. Although the parade is colorful, it's a wholesome family event, complete with feathered dancers, cajun food and live music.

Over the years, I've marveled at the creative art car zipping around the playa. We'd love to have your art car featured in the Mardi Gras parade. We can even arrange a exhibition at the festival. As we are a non-profit totally grass-roots group, there is an entry fee of $20. If you're interested, call Flambo at 707 746-1207 or email flambo@myexcel.com.

We also host a 'kiddie-graw' with entertainment and activities for kids like a mask making workshop. If you are a kid-friendly performer, magician, baloon sculptor or odditiy artist or want to volunteer for mask-making, please contact Judi at jmoralesgibson@yahoo.com.

For more about Mardi Gras Benicia, go to: www.mardigrasbenicia.com
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