Beginning and Advanced Poi Workshop in Sacramento!

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Beginning and Advanced Poi Workshop in Sacramento!

Postby phyreseed » Fri Apr 16, 2004 8:42 am

The Scales of Poi:

Instructor: Nick Woolsey (

Where: Sacramento, CA

When: April 30th, possibly 1st as well, depending on registration needs

Cost: $30


About the Course

Award winning poi artist Nick Woolsey has toured all over the Western USA and Canada teaching poi. Nick compares learning poi to learning music. The Scales of Poi are to a poi spinner what music scales are to a musician. Once a musician has mastered scales, he or she can play freely from the heart, and can learn new songs easily. Likewise, mastering the Scales of Poi allows a poi artist to play freely from the heart, and to learn new moves easily.

Topics of the workshops will/may include: Developing advanced control of your planes, separating/freeing your arms from each other, opening into your personal space, freeing your body to move within your planes, and putting it all together as expressive dance and movement. Many "moves" will also be covered, including isolations, hip reels, barrel turns, whirling, compound circles and "flowers," chain wraps, etc.

*Please note: Both classes will start with the same series of Scales. The experienced class will simply move faster and ultimately cover more ground.

Begginer vs. Advanced

The beginner workshops will focus on building a good foundation for dancing with poi, ideal for those still learning the basic poi movements. Avoid pitfalls, backtracking, and frustration later by developing good habits now.

The experienced workshops are for poi spinners who want to open up new horizons and take their practice to the next level. Again, the focus is on taking fundamental skills and freedom of movement to a whole new level, greatly increasing the ability learn new moves and to express creatively.

To learn more about Nick, and to see videos of his poi dancing, visit

*Attendance is limited, so all are encouraged to purchase your tickets in
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