Burner Gathering, Sat, May 1st. (Beltane)

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Burner Gathering, Sat, May 1st. (Beltane)

Postby rodent » Wed Apr 28, 2004 5:27 pm

Not really an event, just a gathering of folks who are pining for the playa.

When; Sat, May 1st
Where: www.redwhiteandbluebeach.com
Why: Cause we can, and they keep letting us.

Red White and Blue Beach is a privately owned, clothing optional beach (yeah, it's a nude beach... no, you don't HAVE TO take your clothes off). They charge $18 per person to camp overnight (even if you don't stay overnight) and is a really cool place to get your burning mojo on.

Join us, and wow the regulars with our amazing creativity.

What to bring?
* Food to share
* Drinks to embibe
* Poi to spin
* Art to inspire
* Drums
* Costumes
* Oddities
* Friendship
* Strangeness
* Wood
* Anything you might think apropriate
* and more wood

Oh, yeah, and bring some wood... the fire can never be TOO big...

This months gathering happens to fall upon Beltane (aka Mayday). For an interesting discussion on the lore and symbolism around Beltane...


"This gathering is neither endorsed by nor associated with the Burningman LLC or Burning Beach (the Santa Cruz BM Regional Coordinators)."

rodent (putting the eek in geek)

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