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Post by scootiepye » Wed Sep 03, 2003 6:35 pm


Camped with Euroburners in Cult of Alice Camp had a both busy and wicked time, I did venture out sometimes!

Thanks to all those who helped and contributed to this audio project, we couldn't have done this without your help :)

Sorry not alll audio could be included !!

:arrow: much love
s c o o t i e p y e

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Hey Scootiepie

Post by Chimp » Mon Sep 08, 2003 8:42 am

We can't have been the only brits out there man, I had a great time too and am looking for any UK Burner Events but none seem to be posted around here

Let me know if you hear of any
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Post by alice » Tue Oct 21, 2003 7:40 pm

ok, so i'm planning a trip to the uk for x-mas/new yearsish - don't need a place to stay, but i will be looking to buy a flat and am hoping to score some studio time somewhere. i'll be in the motor city on november 15th and i may not have a chance to record there, tho bonobo dreams will most likely perform (possibly at cosmic bowling in michigan, somewhere, i forget exactly)

what can y'all do for me?

and let me know what i can do for you.......
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Two more Brits on their way 2004

Post by Vicki » Tue Oct 28, 2003 4:30 am

We're going to BM 2004 next year.

We're travelling up the west coast for a couple of weeks first then heading to BM.

Apart from the many useful tips already on the website, are there any more especially with travelling from the UK.

Look forward to seeing you there next year
Vicki White

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Getting There From Here

Post by Chimp » Tue Oct 28, 2003 8:38 am

Hi Vicki

Regards getting there from the UK, buy your BM tickets at the cheapest price, as soon as they go on sale (I never do but always mean to) because the cost of flights in August can be pretty phenomenal. You will need some transport with air conditioning and a cooler - again Winnebagos and shit are expensive -Unless of course you are camping with some cats who have one or two for general use and a communal shade structure, then you can just pitch a tent in that camp and get stuck in to helping build the structure -

This is the best thing really, camp with other burners so that you all pull together as a community, you will have more fun this way. Buy a sixty dollar bike in a kmart outside reno (stoned out of your mind at 4am is the best time for this) and a lock - Obviously, water and food, I reckon about two hundred dollars each, depends how long you are going for. Don't do drugs to openly, but definetly do drugs if that is your bag, he he he. It is fucking mindblowing.

Always be aware of water and your need for it, this can't be stressed too much, people do croak out there. I will be going again next year, probably with the cats I went with this year, all from San Fran and NY, cool people, though I intend to do the centre camp thing and work this year - having been two years running it has ocurred to me that the more you get involved the more fun you have, so if you want to work, jump in and do it. You get the benefits of a large friendly camp, big communal meals and a sense of purpose, you also meet a hell of a lot of people that way.

The first time will have an element of real shock and awe, you will be astounded and you may find yourself always going back. If you do go stay in touch, it is always great to have people to meet out there.

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Post by Vicki » Wed Oct 29, 2003 4:18 am

Thanks Chimp, :D

The website is excellent but I was confused about the ticket system.
Do you have to stay in one camp or can you move around. Is there a better one to be in. Do you normally go for a whole week.
Also how accesible is Reno from San Fransisco which will probably be our last stop before going. Will we have to get an internal flight or is it close enough to drive.
One last thing, I have heard about taking things to give people what sort of things do people take, I realise this may vary quite alot but just to give us ideas!!!!
I apologise in advance for all the questions but with never having been before..............
Vicki White

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Post by Chimp » Wed Oct 29, 2003 7:32 am

It is so big Vicki that it is impossible to explain adequately, there are thousands of camps, you are welcome to go to all the theme camps and move around freely, where you choose to camp is obviously up to you, you can other join theme camps or make your own. Reno is about a five hour drive from SF and about 3 hours from Burning Man, it is a long drive but it is fun to drive through the night and get there as the sun comes up - this year I got there late on Tuesday, same the year before but next year I am going for maybe longer than one week if I can sort it - The gift economy? well a lot of people give out a load of different things, I gave out poems this year by Shelly, Keats etc, lots of people give out refreshing drinks, sweets, alcohol, live theatre performances, glowsticks, smokes, lights, art, handmade jewellery - all sorts of stuff, be imaginative is the key I guess, and give something you think you would like to recieve youself - look out for dickheads who think they have the right to try and snog you etc, I haven't seen any tawdry behaviour out there from men out there but apparently there are some wankers around who think 'sex' is a gift - which obviously it can be, but only when consensual and actually 'given', blah blah blah etc. Most of the wankers / frat boys turn up towards the end of the week, Fri / Sat and they are totally the minority - just so y'know though

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Post by redoils » Wed Oct 29, 2003 8:21 am

glasd to hear that you're planning a journey next year .
I made my first this year and it was kino f by accident really .
came to the US vor loff and a man to dream of and then he met a freind in a bar and here we are now a mad hand at it.
Ask all the questions that you want and more but noone, noone will be able to prepare you for this.
open your mind first and after the hard slog of gettin to Black Rock (it takes a great commitment) you will be rewarded with your dreams .
If I were to give you one peice of advice it would be to look at this place of california and put it ove r a map of the UK just to see how f***in massive this place is and how far you are going to have to travel to get there. It took us 17 hours from LA but we stoped off and had excursions into other wilderness.Lake Taho was excellent for this. I love to swim and its a small community in hills I suppose.
My partner was there for the furst time and it was all new to him , i've kind of been here before might sayand so it was kike ,light litmus paper and stand well back for me. buton the gifrs thing I gave him a bag of lolli pop s and told him to give them to anyone who was waking in his path. he soon lostened up when i told him each person, act like awhore , like they just asked you to kill them, like they are your mother , your boss, the pope mother teressa.
we met so many people.
another key is like someone told me. its like when you were a kid in the playground and anyone you met you were afreind and thn you went off and did something else with them or anyone.
just think og something you can do or like and peopole will want.
we cooked preakfast for everyone arond us in our camp.

if there is a theme camp you like the sound of , mail them, get to know themm a nd see if you can camp in with them if you get along and seem to have simsilar ideas of what it means to party
take any costume you can imagine.

I'm back in London for bonfire night (haven't been home since the burn yet, not lookin frorward to the cold but wishing fireworks)
maybe you fancy a drink or a cupppa or something?
thats another thing to take, they don't know how to make a good cuppa tea in the US.

well i hope that you get to go go go.

see ya

(still with dust on my boots)

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Post by Vicki » Thu Oct 30, 2003 4:29 am

Many thanks for all of the advice.

Just chill out and wait for the tickets to come on sale then!!!

Think we've narrowed down our travels but one things for certain definately finishing with a week at BM so we'll probably just see what goes for a couple of weeks before have an easy going holiday to get us in the mood. Probably just spend a couple of weeks driving up the coast before hand!!

We're definately finishing up in San Fransisco though before we get to BM. Anything you recommend doing there before heading off to BM?

I'm so surprised more people in the UK haven't heard of BM!!! How many generally get there about?
Vicki White

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Post by blyslv » Thu Nov 06, 2003 12:29 pm

Vicki wrote:Anything you recommend doing there before heading off to BM?
Start thinking baout what you want to contribute or how you can participate. That's the fun part!
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Post by Badger » Thu Nov 06, 2003 2:04 pm

Oh, and the tickets won't sell out in 18 hrs like Glastonbury did this year.
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Post by emilybear » Fri Jan 16, 2004 1:24 pm

Hello peeps,

There are tons and tons and tons of lovely british and european burners - most of who can be found on the euroburners list -

To join send a email to:
majordomo@ukdance.net and write "subscribe euroburners" in the body of the message

See ya

Emily Bear

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