The Montezuma Gathering, Costa Rica April 3-9, 2011

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The Montezuma Gathering, Costa Rica April 3-9, 2011

Postby casacreativa » Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:41 am

South Nicoya Burners, Earthdance South Nicoya, Anamaya Retreat Center , La Escuela del Sol present:
The Montezuma Gathering: a Celebration of Life in the Tropics

April 3 – 9, 2011:

Montezuma, South Nicoya Peninsula , Costa Rica

The South  Nicoya  Burners   are  offering   a week  of   fun,  sun,   awesome beaches, great music, workshops,  classes,  leading  up  to  an  epic  Montezuma beach  burn on the final might of the festival. We will introduce this magical place as a fertile ground for creative community exploration and artistic expression, inviting like-minded tribes from around the globe to share our tropical paradise. Our workshops and  classes,  including Fire/Circus arts, Poi/Staff making,  Yoga,  Healing  Arts, Tai Chi, Salsa , Bellydance,  Drumming,  Capoeira,  Raw Food and Nutrition. Surfing,  Horseback riding,
 Our international  lineup  of  DJ's, performers, VJ's, teachers,  and artists include some of the most talented names in the festival circuit.
And April 10, we'll have a chill afterparty on Tortuga Island.....snorkel, kayak, barbeque, hammocks, cocktails, music .....

Our current lineup :

 DJ’s and Musicians: Davidson Ospina, Xande Cruz, Neil Kurland, Justin Paul, Lee Mayjahs, Lina Luv, Nimrod,
Mia Dangerfield, Terryl Kirton, Feral, Boing, Angela PEX
and ....Montezuma and Santa Teresa street performers, drummers and musicians
Fire and Circus Arts:
Nick Woosley, Zan Moore, Srikanta Barefoot, Kaytibunny Roberts, Shredder
Yoga, Healing, and Movement Arts:
Angela Boltz, Sofiah Thom, Dagmar Spremberg, Nancy Goodfellow, Liana Cameris
Andrea Hoyos, Estagiaria Risadinha, Daniela Haskara, Kitty & Frank

Film documentary project: Sacred Films, Daniela Haskara

Community - sustainability panel workshops hosted by South Nicoya Burners- CasaCreativa

Art and deco by Galeria Inspiracion, CasaCreativa , South Nicoya Burners

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Postby junglesmacks » Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:40 am

No, stay away from Costa Rica. The beer is warm, the waves are flat and the women are ugly. Stay far, far away.
Savannah wrote:It sounds freaky & wrong, so you need to do it.

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