LA FILM SERIES: Burn on the Bayou

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LA FILM SERIES: Burn on the Bayou

Post by Elderberry » Tue May 03, 2011 8:43 am

Join us for the L.A. League of Arts (LALA) Burning Man Film Series, screening one Sunday a month, featuring works that shed light on the week-long festival, including DUST AND ILLUSIONS, THE TEMPLE BUILDER, BURN ON THE BAYOU, JOURNEY TO THE FLAMES, BEYOND BLACK ROCK and VOYAGE IN UTOPIA.

NEXT . . . .May 8th - Mother's Day

PARTICIPATE: We will be taking over the courtyard with art and theme camps. If you would like to show your art or present your theme camp before the screening, please contact Beth. beth at laburningman dot com
If you have an art project for BM2011 that you would like to present, we will set up displays (drawings & models) in the lobby. You can have a donation box, kickstarter info, volunteer sign up sheet, and materials needs sheet by your art piece.

Burn on the Bayou, 2008 (56 mins)
By Matt Leonard

Courtyard opens at 2pm for Mother's Day Tea with Interactive Installations and Art Installations. We will also be making sock puppets and finger puppets with your kiddies. Start collecting old socks and gloves, notions, buttons, and bits of fabric for puppet making fun. Many of the puppets will be going to the playa for puppet karaoke at the LA CORE art installation.

Screening at 5:00. Q&A immediately following.

The Egyptian Theater
6712 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

At the end of August 2005, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts devastating over 90,000 square miles. Mississippi officials calculated that 90% of the structures within one half mile of the coastline were completely destroyed.

Two thousand miles away, a group of volunteers emerged from an event in the Nevada desert: Burning Man. The unlikely group that converged in Biloxi and Pearlington, Mississippi had in common the shared experience of collaborating and building in harsh environments and the strongly held belief that when people need help, you help them first, and ask questions later.

Burn On The Bayou follows the group of volunteers over the seven months of work following the storm, and it features interviews with both volunteers and residents. This film was produced by Marian Goodell, Tom Price, Andie Grace, K and M Films, NZane Productions.

Q&A following the film with film makers

Director Matt Leonard’s Biography:
Burn on the Bayou is Matt Leonard's first feature film. In 2006, his short film, It's On!, was very well received at its premiere screening at the Super Shorts Film Festival in London and at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. He has recently directed one-act comedies for the stage at the Acme Comedy Theatre in Los Angeles and was also the Assistant Producer/Director for the Burning Man Official Video Documentation Project 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Editor Zachary Cole’s Biography:
In 2001, after graduating from Clemson University in South Carolina, Zachary Cole moved to Marin County, California, where he joined Industrial Light & Magic as a digital artist. There, he worked on numerous Academy Award-nominated films, including the recent Academy Award-winning Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. After leaving ILM to start his own company in 2006, Zachary shot and edited several instructional videos for On The Flight Line Productions. He recently completed work as Editor and Producer on "Burn on the Bayou". Zachary now resides in Napa, California.
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Post by ygmir » Thu May 05, 2011 6:23 am

sounds great, I can't make it, but, thanks for the invite!!

Unabashed Nordic

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