KY, OH, IN burners come visit The KOIpound

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KY, OH, IN burners come visit The KOIpound

Post by Master Pokes » Thu May 05, 2011 1:48 pm

Greetings regional burners. Come visit us at The KOIpound, your regional burnerspace, art, maker and event space and idea engine. Visit our website at, on the facebook and the twitter and see our sometimes twice monthly e-newsletter below. We expect to have our official 501c3 status late this year!

Members and friends of the KOIpound,

This is very special edition of our sometimes twice a month Poundblast email
detailing what is going on with and at the KOIpound.

As always you can keep up with us at , on Facebook under
KOI Pound or on Twitter @KOIpound.


In this episode:

**Special note

**Bay Day and Members' Meeting Saturday May 7th

**Workshop weekend Saturday/Sunday May 21-22

** Weekly events at the KOIpound

**Kinetic Fire is days away

**The deep future


A special note regarding The KOIpound and YOU. Please read all the way

Spring is indeed, rather wetly, upon us. It is a time of rebirth and
renewal. Spring is an exciting time of new members and returning members
with renewed energy for our core mission, activities and projects. This
spring in particular brings some new and especially exciting ?sprouts? and
old growth.

The mirrors are hung upstairs and the dance floor is 90% complete. The
projector and stereo are up and operational for your audio-visual needs. The
shop has been re-arranged for better work flow and more space for projects.
The outside bays are nearly cleared (Bay day will finish that off this
Saturday) and ready for large scale-outdoor projects.

We now have facilities for everything from dance, spinning, yoga and
martial arts to jewelry making, metal casting, woodworking, leather-working
and fiber arts. We have a dark room for photography and screen printing.
There is almost nothing you cannot do or create here.

Over the winter we helped form the Cincinnati Council of Creatives, a
collective of like-minded groups we will be partnering with in exciting ways
this year to create joint workshops, projects, events and more. We have also
had preliminary contact with ArtsWave, Cincinnati's community arts
initiative, regarding potential partnerships with them and other groups. We
will also be receiving guidance from them through the process (already
begun!) of becoming a certified 501c3 non-profit and advice on new and
better ways to achieve our core mission.

The KOIpound is funded and run solely by its members and takes shape
according to their will and effort. We do not have outside donors or
sponsors nor a group of outside volunteers to raise funds, remodel and run
our space or organize workshops and events.

So, come to the space, look around, and decide what the KOIpound is, what
it does and how fast it grows. We need members not just to help pay the rent
and bills, but to share ideas, sculpt, build, dance, play?create. Come see
what's been going on and help us guide the pound where you would like it to

Basic $25/month membership grants you access to the space 24 hours a day to
relax, create or even do homework. There's even space to store your art or
gear securely when you are not there and we will be working together to add
new tools and features.

To hack a line from late-night TV commercials, monthly membership is the
price of one corporate coffee shop latte a week. So, please start or renew
your bond with the KOIpound. We want you on board this year to guide The
KOIpound in its most exciting year to date.

For more information on membership please go to the ?Join our community?
page of our website:

Thank you.


Bay day and members' meeting this Saturday, May 7th

This Saturday is Bay Day, traditionally our biggest and most important work
day of the year. We need all hands on deck to get a few maintenance tasks
accomplished and get the building ready for spring and summer. There are two
primary tasks: patching the roof and clearing and organizing outdoor bays
2-4 so dress to get dirty and bring work gloves if you have them. If these
get done, or weather drives us inside, there will be other fun tasks like
making the second floor more welcoming and setting up the kitchen.

The fun starts at noon on Saturday. A members meeting will follow some time
in the afternoon and the traditional potluck and social time are planned as

See you Saturday!


May workshop weekend is the Saturday-Sunday the 21st and 22nd

Participation fees on all events and workshops are $2 for members or $5 for
non-members, unless otherwise noted. These fees are simply to pay for
supplies and resources (electricity, etc).

This month's workshop weekend will include the following workshops:

Saturday, May 21st

Technological costuming-2pm

No sew tu-tus-4pm

Burner 101-6pm

Sunday, May 22nd


Self-defense workshop workout-4pm

Basic poi spinning-6pm


No sew tu-tus: Burn season is upon us and everyone needs a tutu!! Join us
for a fun filled few hours of how to make a no sew tutu. We will transform a
few yards of tulle, ribbon and other fun additions into that perfect fluffy
skirt! You can either bring 6-8 yards of your favorite color or sign up with
your color choice (white, black, red, silver, lt or dk purple, lt or dk
blue, yellow, pink or green*)* and it will be waiting for you. Due to
material costs, if you bring your own tulle, cost is $2 member $5 nonmember,
if you need supplies, cost is $10 member $15 nonmember. Please rsvp on the
facebook event!!

Burner 101: Ever been to Burningman? What about the myriad of regional
burns? If your answer is yes or no, this is a workshop for you! In this the
fourth of 6 editions of Burner 101 we will be covering the ever mighty PACK
LISTS in greater detail. We will hit ideas for regionals as well as the Big
Burn. This workshop is designed for both seasoned burners and virgins alike.
If you?ve been around the block a few times, please come share your
experiences. If you are a virgin burner, come loaded with your questions,
concerns, hopes and dreams. ~Bells

Yoga:Active/Passive, Warm/Cool, Dynamic/Receptive. These are just a few
expressions of duality in the principle of Yin and Yang. Yoga is a perfect
way to incorporate these energies in your body and everyday life.

Get ready to be energized with Graham and his Yang style! The first half of
the class will be directed towards active, strong poses and exercising
vinyasas to work the body and allow you to get that lovely yoga prana buzz.
Strengthen and lengthen yourself to better health.

After that, we'll slow things down as Sunshine shares her Yin Yoga with us.
It is a soft meditative form of stretching and inner reflection that is a
wonderful complement to active yoga styles. Uses long passive holds, which
lengthen the body's deeper connective tissues and change neural-muscular
patterns. Increases flexibility and ease of movement.

Sunshine is a strong proponent of finding your own way through the teachings
of many. She has been learning creative approaches towards life and health,
and teaching what she's picked up to all who are receptive. Cultivating a
personal yoga practice for nearly 10 years and teaching several styles of
movement for 7 years, she continues to study the human body and how it fits
into this world of constant change.

Graham is a nerd who likes to be bendy. Come yoga with us!

Self-defense workshop workout description is below under ?Weekly events.?
Cost is $2 for non-members, free for members.

Beginner Poi with Jonah and special guests: The beginning poi class will
start with pendulum, spin and stall. We will go over timing and direction
with each of these movements. If time allows we will even try to combine a
few. If the class desires we will also have a little discussion on flow and
some of the ideas behind why people spin.


Weekly events at the pound

Self-Defense workshop workouts are Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm and
Sundays at 4:00pm. Come stretch, strengthen and get in shape while learning
basic concepts of self-defense in a no-pressure, participant-led workshop
environment with people of all genders, shapes, sizes and skill levels. The
workshop is based on basic fitness and flexibility exercises and poses,
various forms of martial arts and Krav Maga (Israeli ?close combat?
self-defense) for fitness and self-defense training accessible to all.

Open workshop/project nights are Tuesdays immediately following the
self-defense workshop workouts at around 7:30pm. Come work on group projects
like furniture-making and CNC milling giant hexagonal building blocks or
your own individual projects.

Every Wednesday night around 8:00pm spinners of all skill levels come
together at the KOIpound to hone their skills. Participation is mandatory,
no spectators. It's spring time. Come play!


Kentic fire is days away. Come learn and play!

Kinetic Fire is being put on by burners and members of the KOIpound. Please
support this wonderful locally-produced and run event!

Kinetic Fire is a 4-day fire performer's paradise, designed to provide a fun
and open-share environment where spinners from all over the MidWest & the
world can learn, teach, and advance together in the spinning arts.

A sister event to FireDrums, Kinetic Fire focuses heavily on a strong
participant-led workshop program, spread across a diverse range of object
manipulation and fire related disciplines. Spinners & fire enthusiasts of
ALL levels are encouraged to participate in this opportunity for growth and
development with other motivated members of the fire family.

The Nitty-Gritty:
May 12-15, 2011
Stonehouse Park
Earlville, IL


Gate opens at 11 AM on Thursday. Tickets are $80 and include 90+ available
workshops (more being added every day), camping for 3 nights, hot showers,
some Kinetic Fire swag, and non-stop fire dancing and music at night.


The deep future

If the above post about Kinetic doesn't tell you that festival/burn season
is here. Have a gander at the deep future where we see:

Reclamation is the official Kentucky regional burn. Tickets are $35 until
this Friday May 9th or 150 tickets are sold, so get em quick.

Scorched Nuts-June 9-12th. Come join us for Ohio's official regional burn
just outside of Athens, Ohio at gorgeous Reclaim, a beautiful and secluded
reclaimed strip mine. This year's theme is ?Hide and Seek.? Take your hands
off your eyes, quit counting and purchase your tickets as prices increase
May 22nd

Lakes of Fire is the great lakes regional burn. It is held *June 23rd ? 26*
*th** at Lucky Lake Campground in Montague, MI.*


*Recycled Rainbow "Cosmos," this year's northern Ohio burn is Sept
22nd-25th, just a few hours, but worlds away. *

* <>*

*Also: June work/play day and members' meeting is the 4**th** and June
workshop weekend is the 18**th**-19**th**.*


Need more info? Have questions or suggestions? Email back and let us know.

You received this email because at some point you expressed interest in the
KOIpound. If you are no longer interested in the KOIpound or are deceased,
please respond to this email and we will gladly remove you from our list.

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