Scorched Nuts-Ohio regional burn-is THIS weekend

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Master Pokes
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Scorched Nuts-Ohio regional burn-is THIS weekend

Post by Master Pokes » Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:36 pm

Come one, come all to Scorched Nuts 2011-Hide and Seek.

Discover one of the Mid-west's best kept secrets: Ohioans (and Kentuckians, West Virginians and Indian..ans?) know how to BURN.

Tomorrow, 06/07, is your LAST day to get pre-sale tickets at $40, CHEAP, or pay $80 at the gate, which you will if you have to because it's STILL going to be worth it.

The site, Reclaim, is a reclaimed strip mine surrounded by hundreds of acres of plant preserve, remote and beautiful.

Come join us for lots of great art, music and community!

Come see me at the Soiled Dove Saloon. I can't wait to serve you that first drink at home.

-Master Pokes

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